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Were you looking for Reward or Pet Status Food?

Pets are a Beastmaster's best friend, and pet food is a Beastmaster's pet's best friend. Best friend of a best friend is at least someone you should know, so learning about pet food is important!

Pet Food can be used (via Reward) to restore HP to your pet, jug or charmed, and HP restored depends only upon three things. First, HP restored depends upon what Pet Food you're using, which determines what system of equations you use. After that, the two relevant stats are MND, which determines the base potency of the pet food, and Reward Potency, which determines the percentage modification. They work as follows:

Base = floor( (MND-Start MNDRate÷256 ) + Const
Total = floor(Base×Potency)

Each pet food's base HP restored is determined by a piecewise-linear equation with four terms, dependent upon the Beastmaster's MND stat.

  • The first term is a constant, the minimum amount it's possible to heal with that Pet Food. No matter how low you go, you cannot heal less than the Minimum Cap.
  • The second, third, and fourth terms are linear equations with the general form seen above. "Start MND" represents the MND value where each equation begins.
  • Though the fourth equation has the same form as the second and third, it generally has a much smaller "Rate." This has the effect of dramatically clamping down on the affect that additional MND has on Reward.

After the base is determined, it is multiplied directly by the Potency. This term caps at +50%.

  • See the Reward page for equipment that provides reward potency.
Pet Food Start MND Rate Const Min Cap Regen Effect
Pet Poultice Question Question Question Question Question/tick
Question Question Question
Question Question Question
Pet Food Alpha Biscuit 15 256 60 60 1 HP/tick
25 10 70
175Question 10 75
Pet Food Beta Biscuit 20 512 150 150 3 HP/tick
27 256 164
43 15 180
Pet Food Gamma Biscuit 30 512 300 300 5 HP/tick
45 256 330
75 32 360
Pet Food Delta Biscuit 35 768 500 500 8 HP/tick
55 256 560
115 79 620
Pet Food Epsilon Biscuit 40 768 700 700 11 HP/tick
80 512 820
140 181 940
Pet Food Zeta Biscuit 45 768 900 900 14 HP/tick
105 512 1080
200 25 1310
Pet Food Eta Biscuit 50 1024 1200 1200 17 HP/tick
110 768 1440
200 512 1710
Pet Food Theta Biscuit 55 1024 1600 1600 20 HP/tick
120 768 1860
220 512 2160

Which Food to use?

The highest level food will always restore the most HP, but the difference between that and the next tier down depends on what your MND value is. Perhaps the chart below will help you make those BSTly economic decisions.

BST pet food.JPG


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