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Proc (prok)

verb (past proc'd)
  • To activate an action or event that cannot be directly initiated by the player: "Fully merited Paralyze II has an awesome proc rate." or "My shield hardly proc'd at all that fight; I need to skill it up so it will block more frequently."
  • Correct usage indicates an activity that is out of the control of the player, but is still an action that is derived by some previous or other action of the player.
  • Examples include combat actions like parrying, blocking with a shield, double-attacking during a combat round, or magic-based actions like a monster being successfully paralyzed after receiving the Paralyze spell or added effect. Often used to describe the rate at which these actions happen, as used in the first example above.
  • Word is derived from the short-form word for a Unix system's procfs, or process file system. With the file system often mounted to the /proc directory, any and all actions from the OS to the file system therefore use the /proc directory.
    This convention gave rise to the neologism, "proc" to indicate an activity or action.
  • An alternate etymology is as an Acronym for 'Programmable Random OCcurrence'.