Promathia Mission 5-1

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The Enduring Tumult of War
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Port Bastok
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The airship piloted by Louverance did not arrive in San d'Oria, but Port Bastok. How much longer will Nag'molada wait for your arrival at the northwestern tower of Pso'Xja?
Previous Mission Next Mission
Slanderous Utterings Desires of Emptiness
Access to Promyvion - Vahzl


  • (Optional) Speak to Despachiaire through the Walnut Door at (K-10) on the top floor of Tavnazian Safehold for a cutscene.
    • He may start other quests like X Marks the Spot before triggering the cutscene: it's the flashback with Ulmia.
  • (Optional) Look for your companions at the aforementioned meeting place.
  • Zone into Port Bastok for a cutscene.
  • Speak with Cid in the Metalworks for a cutscene.
  • Travel to the tower at (F-7) in Beaucedine Glacier and enter the uncapped area of Pso'Xja for a small cutscene. (Home point will not work)
  • Move ahead until you reach a Stone Door. Checking this door will spawn a Golem named Nunyunuwi.
    • This NM has very low HP (about 3800) but incredibly high Regen (about 100HP/tick). Unload all you have on it and it should fall easily.
  • Check the door again once Nunyunuwi is defeated to move on.
  • In the next room, take the elevator down to the bottom. There are Diremites at the bottom that will attack you so Sneak up before going down.
  • Check the Stone Door for a cutscene and enter Promyvion - Vahzl.
  • You will get another cutscene upon entering.
Beaucedine Glacier