Proof of Valor

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Proof of Valor
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC Southern San d'Oria (S)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description In order to join Vestillet and Noillurie's units on their mission to Valdeaunia, you must gather support in writing from Kingdom troops stationed within the city.
Previous Mission Next Mission
On Thin Ice A Sanguinary Prelude
Possibility of Oxblood Orb, or Foulard, or Angel Skin Orb, or Orichalcum Ingot.


Note: You only need 20 signatures to progress in the mission; however, if you collect more, you can receive a prize as well. Prizes include items required for certain inventory upgrade quests you might be interested in. See Rewards section at the bottom of the page for more info.

For this quest you will need to collect at least 20 signatures from the Knights in Southern San d'Oria (S).

Dialogue - Total of 10 Signatures

Aissaville (I-7), Illeuse (H-9), Andagge (H-9), Daigraffeaux (I-11), Louxiard (G-7), Machionage (C-6), Elnonde (K-8), Loillie (K-9), Remiotte (L-10), and Mailleronce (M-6) will freely give you 1 signature each after talking to them.

Question and Answer - Total of 24 Signatures

Farouel (K-7), Aurfet (G-9), Corseihaut (F-6), Vichauxdat (I-8) will ask you a series of questions about the war. The more questions you get right the more signatures they will gather for you, with a max of 6 each.

  • Farouel (K-7), Answers:
    • Smilodons
    • Tauri
    • Ghosts
  • Aurfet (G-9, upper level) Answers:
    • Yrvaulair S Coussereaux
    • Febrenard C Brunnaut
    • Valaineral R Davilles
    • Knights of the Rustwing Hawk
  • Corseihaut (F-6) Answers:
    • Uwe Prien
    • Mythril Musketeers
    • Klara Bester
    • Robel Akbel
    • Twelve
    • Choh Moui
  • Vichauxdat (I-8) Answers:
    • Three
    • Gutrenders
    • Grradhod


  • Eumielle (I-9) will give you 12 signatures for an Angler's Cassoulet.
  • Coucheutand (I-8) will ask for Orc equipment. An Orcish Axe gives you 5 signatures, Orc Helm will get you 10 signatures, and a Gold Orcmask gets you 15 signatures.
  • Hauberliond (H-9) will give you 9 signatures for a single stack of Crossbow Bolts. He gives a maximum of 12 signatures for 4 stacks of Crossbow Bolts. (2 or 3 stacks give 10 or 11 signatures, respectively.)
  • Sabiliont (I-11) will give you 9 signatures for 3 stacks of Gysahl Greens. He will give you a maximum of 12 signatures for 8 stacks. (4-7 stacks gives 10 signatures.)
  • Rongelouts N Distaud (I-9) will give you 35 signatures for Gnole Claw. He will then challenge you to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You must defeat him 3 times to get the signatures from him.
    • If he uses /point, he will throw Volcanic Rock. (Use Nether Vellum to win.)
    • If he uses /think, he will throw Scorpion Stinger. (Use Volcanic Rock to win.)
    • If he uses /poke, he will throw Nether Vellum. (Use Scorpion Stinger to win.)

Once you have at least 20 signatures, return to Raustigne (I-7) and confirm your submission for a cutscene.

  • If you choose to not turn in the current amount of signatures, or deny the confirmation, you will need to zone out and back to continue.

List of Obtainable Signatures

NPC Location Type Signatures
Aissaville (I-7) Dialogue 1
Andagge (H-9) Dialogue 1
Aurfet (G-9) Q&A Up to 6
Corseihaut (F-6) Q&A Up to 6
Coucheutand (I-8) Quest Up to 15
Daigraffeaux (I-11) Dialogue 1
Elnonde (K-8) Dialogue 1
Eumielle (I-9) Quest 12
Farouel (K-7) Q&A Up to 6
Hauberliond (H-9) Quest Up to 12
Illeuse (H-9) Dialogue 1
Loillie (K-9) Dialogue 1
Louxiard (G-7) Dialogue 1
Machionage (C-6) Dialogue 1
Mailleronce (M-6) Dialogue 1
Remiotte (L-10) Dialogue 1
Rongelouts N Distaud (I-9) Quest 35
Sabiliont (I-11) Quest Up to 12
Vichauxdat (I-8) Q&A Up to 6

Rewards List

The reward depends on the number of signatures obtained. 120 is the highest amount of obtainable signatures.