Pulling the Strings

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Mine Shaft 2716 header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Mine Shaft 2716 Level Restriction: 60
Entry Item: Shaft gate operating dial Participation: Recommended: 1 / Maximum: 1 Members
Entry Currency: Key Item Time Limit: 15 Minutes


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Fantoccini 1 Humanoid

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Moblin Fantocciniman 1 Moblin

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  • This ENM cannot be done with Dancer, Scholar, Geomancer, or Rune Fencer.
  • Your sub job level will be reduced to 0 upon entry of this ENM.
  • The Fantoccini will match its job with your main job.
  • The Moblin Fantocciniman will not aggro and will never directly attack or harm you in any way unless you take offensive action towards him. (AoE will make him attack)
  • The Fantoccini will attack and cast appropriate spells for its assumed job.
    • Blue Mage Fantoccini will always have Frypan in additional being restricted to the Blue Magic spells the player has equipped.
  • The Fantoccini will only use Weaponskills or Job Abilities (including 2-hours) if the Moblin Fantocciniman rolls the appropriate number with his Marrionette Dice ability.
  • Moblin Fantocciniman's roll effects' target can be either the Fantoccini or the player.
  • Effects from Marrionette Dice can be any of the following:
  • It is reported that defeating the Moblin Fantocciniman instead will render the Fantoccini and any pet it might have completely frozen in terror for the remainder of the battle. While amusing and challenging, this is not recommended due to its difficulty.
  • Upon defeating the Fantoccini a chest will appear that will reward the player with 2000 Experience Points or Limit Points as well as a chance at obtaining a the job-specific piece of equipment that matches the player's main job.
    • Worm Mulch is extremely common while the job specific piece can be relatively rare.
    • Puppetmaster has the chance at 0, 1, or 2 attachment drops from the chest. Obtaining 1 attachment from this ENM is not uncommon, while obtaining 2 is quite rare.
  • See the Talk page for more information.