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Job Ability Information
Job Beastmaster
Type Level  
Level Obtained 25
Description Commands the pet to make a special attack.
Range 18'
Recast 00:00:30 (per charge)
Cumulative Enmity 0 Volatile Enmity 0
Command /pet "Ability Name" <me> OR /bstpet # <me> 
Merit Points
Group 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Each merit reduces Charge time by 00:00:02. 
Job Points
Category Ready Effect Ranks Available 20
Effect of each Rank Increase pet's special attack damage dealt by 1%.


  • When using a Jug Pet, the command Sic becomes Ready, which allows you to select a specific TP move for your pet to perform instead of selecting one randomly.
  • Unlike Sic, Ready relies on a charge system.
    • TP moves from pets cost a varying number of charges.
    • Charges refill once every 30 seconds without any Sic merits.
      • The minimum recast time for Ready is 10 seconds per charge when taking into account all effects from merit points, Job Point Gifts, and equipment.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Charmer's Merlin Ready recast -5 seconds.
Desultor Tassets Ready recast -5 seconds. Augment-Icon.png
Gleti's Breeches Ready recast -5 seconds.
Malefic Axe Ready recast -1 second per skillchain.
Ferine Manoplas +1 Pet: TP Bonus+250
Ferine Manoplas +2 Pet: TP Bonus+500
Nukumi Manoplas Pet: TP Bonus+550
Nukumi Manoplas +1 Pet: TP Bonus+600
Nukumi Manoplas +2 Pet: TP Bonus+650
Nukumi Manoplas +3 Pet: TP Bonus+700
Aymur (Level 75) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 80) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 85) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 90) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 95) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 99) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 99 II) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 119) Pet: TP Bonus+1000
Aymur (Level 119 II) Pet: TP Bonus+1000