Shots in the Dark

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Horlais Peak header.jpg
Battlefield Information
Location: Horlais Peak Level Restriction: 60
Entry Item: Moon Orb icon.png Moon Orb Participation: 3 Members
Entry Currency: Beastmen's Seal icon.png 60 Beastmen's Seal Time Limit: 15 Minutes
Personal Pool:


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Orcish Onager 1 Orcish Warmachine Ranger

Spells: Bindga,

Abilities: Standard Orcish Warmachine Abilities


  • Uses ranged Warmachine Special Attacks at approximately a regular attack rate. Blind and Paralyze, though they land, will not stop these attacks. They have the regular effect on Shadows for whatever the attack is. If approached, it will cast Bindga and flee to a distance, then continue the attack.
  • Most if not all attacks appear to be fire based, and hit for 150-220 on a Ninja in 'regular' defensive gear. Evasion does not seem to be taken into account, or alternately it could simply be extremely accurate.