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Skill Up Books is a collective term that refers to items that increase a character's Skills in Combat and Magic use.

These books were implemented in the December 2013 Version Update as a way to assist adventurers in raising their skill levels.

Every book costs 200 Sparks of Eminence from the Records of Eminence NPCs. They can be purchased in increments of 1, 3, 12, or 36 at a time, with no limit on how many can be purchased.

Books can be purchased from the Auction House under Others ➞ Misc. 1, and sell in stacks of 12.

Skill Gain Rate

The amount of skill increase gained per book is random between 0.1 to 0.5, but the maximum amount of an increase seems to be lower as the difference between the skill cap and the current skill decreases. Furthermore, at least 0.1 skill is guaranteed to be earned per book that is used.

Below is a table with a rough outline of how much skill is gained per book used depending on current distance from the cap.

Maximum Skill Difference from Cap
0.5 > 100
0.4 99.9 - 50
0.3 49.9 - 20
0.2 19.9 - 10
0.1 < 10

Book List

Combat Skills Magic Skills
Skill Type Book Name Skill Type Book Name
Hand-to-Hand Mikhe's Memo Divine Magic Altana's Hymn
Dagger Dagger Enchiridion Healing Magic Coveffe Musings
Sword Swing and Stab Enhancing Magic Aid for All
Great Sword Mieuseloir's Diary Enfeebling Magic Investigative Report
Axe Bull's Diary Elemental Magic Bounty List
Great Axe Death for Dimwits Dark Magic Dark Deeds
Scythe Ludwig's Report Singing Skill Breezy Libretto
Polearm Clash of Titans String Skill Cavernous Score
Katana Kagetora's Diary Wind Skill Beaming Score
Great Katana Noillurie's Log Ninjutsu Yomi's Diagram
Club Ferreous's Diary Summoning Magic Astral Homeland
Staff Kayeel-Payeel's Memoirs Blue Magic Life-form Study
Archery Perih's Primer Geomancy Skill Hrohj's Record
Marksmanship Barrels of Fun Handbell Skill The Bell Tolls
Throwing Throwing Weapon Enchiridion
Guarding Mikhe's Note
Evasion Sonia's Diary
Shield The Successor
Parry Kagetora's Journal