Template:Empyrean Weapon Progress Checklist

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USAGE: Checklist for your Empyrean on your user page.

Define your Complete-Color (the color for completed missions) and Default-Color (ones that aren't completed).

Each line should be notated with "Complete" Writing anything other than "Complete", will result in the line being marked as default/incomplete.

The requirements for each weapon will change on the checklist after selecting your weapon.

  • The entries to mark "Complete" for each weapon remain the same though.

Note: Ochain and Daurdabla do not have initial trials. Filling these in will have no affect on the checklist.

{{Empyrean Weapon Progress Checklist
|Complete-Color = green
|Default-Color = black

|Trial I=
|Trial II=
|Trial III=
|Trial IV=
|Trial V=
|Trial VI=
|VNM Trial I=
|VNM Trial II=
|VNM Trial III=

|Abyssea Materials Obtained I=0
|Abyssea Materials Obtained II=0
|Abyssea Materials Obtained III=0
|Metal Obtained=0
|Rifts Obtained=0

|Boulders Obtained 119 I=0
|Boulders Obtained 119 III=0
|Elvaan Mask of Light=
|Detritus Obtained 119 Aug=0