The Voracious Resurgence Mission 1-3

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The Brygid Cup
Series The Voracious Resurgence
Starting NPC Gumbah
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Raebrimm seems to be threatened by the black-clad Goblin. The plan to protect him: find the perfect disguise. Perhaps the stylist extraordinare, Brygid, can help you over in Bastok Markets.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Gloom Phantom's Approach The Destiny Destroyers
  • 20,000-22,000 gil


  • Speak to Gumbah in Bastok Mines (J-7).
  • Speak to Brygid in Bastok Markets (K-9).
  • Brygid will instruct you to select one of a list of NPCs to cosplay for her fashion show's contest. You are to attempt to dress like your selected NPC exactly, ignoring any weapons and focusing on head/body/hands/legs/feet. The list includes:
  • Once you have made your selection, head to The Steaming Sheep in Port Bastok (E-7) and speak to Ruenda while wearing your costume.
  • After the cutscene, speak to Brygid once more to receive your reward.


  • Nbu Latteh is certainly the easiest and cheapest outfit to copy, as she is only wearing a Bronze Harness, Scale Cuisses, and Scale Greaves with no head or hand coverings. All 3 pieces of this armor are available for ~3k from vendors at Brunhilde Armorer in Bastok Markets (E-10), or also available from sparks for a very low cost.
  • Azima is impossible to copy. Her present-day clothing is completely unobtainable for players. If attempting to copy her past style from the Shadowreign era however, she was wearing a Witch Hat, Marduk's Jubbah, Marduk's Dastanas, Marduk's Shalwar, and Sorcerer's Sabots.
    • Cosplaying as Azima from the past will win you first prize, netting you an extra 2000 gil in prize money.