The Stars of Ifrit

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The Stars of Ifrit
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: 3
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Agapito - Port Bastok (G-6)
Pack None
Title Star of Ifrit
Repeatable No
Description Agapito wants you to find out the meaning of the following words: "Under a full moon, toward the stars of Ifrit, a bird delivers a letter to the ship in the sky." Also, try to bring back this "letter" to satisfy Agapito's curiosity.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Love and Ice
Airship Pass


  • You may work on this quest only after you have obtained an Airship Pass as it's completion requires a trip on the airship.
  • If you fulfill all the pre-requisites of the quest, then speak to Agapito to begin quest.
  • On a 'Full Moon' cycle, at night time, board the Jeuno-San d'Oria Airship.
  • Search for an abnormal ??? (it will only appear during this very specific time frame)
  • Touch the ??? to receive Key Item:Carrier pigeon letter
  • Return to Agapito and speak to him to complete quest.