The Swarm

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The Swarm
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Rolanberry Fields (S) (D-9) Fortilace
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title Swarminator
Repeatable Yes
Description A vermin infestation of unprecedented scale has broken out within the mines, severely disrupting mining operations and causing considerable financial loss to the industry. The Silvermines Pest Control Committee is urgently recruiting dauntless individuals to aid in their extermination. Items found within the premises can be utilized at your discretion.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Pest Repellent
Swarminator Title


  • Note: This quest only appears as an available quest upon use of the Pest Repellent. It does not appear in the completed quest log section upon completion of the quest.
  • Obtain a Pest Repellent from the various FFXI events held throughout the year.
  • Have the leader use the Pest Repellent and then check the Fortilace (D-9) Rolanberry Fields (S) to initiate the battle.
    • Minimum of 3 players required.
    • All players located in the zone will be warped into the battlefield.
  • An initial minute allows you to buff up before "contact made" is noted in the log.
  • 5 minute time limit to battle an endless swarm of various monsters.
    • The Swarmspawn monsters fall from where you enter from the ceiling and then begin to walk away and do not respond to actions against them.
    • As such, an optimal method to deal with them is AoE spells centered around the caster, such as BLM/GEO/BLU.
    • A well-geared nuking GEO can one-shot using tier-1 AoE spells (Fira, Aera, etc.) and achieve "Swarm Chain" 200+
    • Occasionally, the party will be rewarded with HP or TP boosts.
  • Players are scored and ranked by the amount and types of monsters they defeat.
    • This has no effect on the outcome of the battle.
    • Certain mobs are worth more than others, from 100-300, but also spikes up to almost 4000 (Adamantoise mobs perhaps?)
  • Players are rewarded with the title of "Swarminator".