The Three Magi

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The Three Magi
Required Fame Windurst Fame Level: 1
Level Restriction: Level 40+ Black Mage
Starting NPC Chumimi - Heavens Tower (bottom floor)
Pack None
Title One of the following:
  • Doctor Shantotto's Supporter
  • Koru-Moru's Supporter
  • Yoran-Oran's Supporter
Repeatable Yes, after Memory reset
Description The star tree saplings at the farm in the basement of Heavens Tower aren't growing very well. Doctor Shantotto and co. have ordered an investigation to try and solve the problem. Help them by bringing back a glowstone from the crevasse of Xarcabard.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Recollections
Faded Crystal
Casting Wand


  • Begin the quest by speaking with Chumimi, found in the basement of Heavens Tower (Windurst).
    • During this cutscene you will be asked to agree with one of the three NPCs. Whomever you pick will decide your title, but otherwise will not effect your quest.
  • After speaking with Chumimi, head to any Telepoint and trade a synthesis crystal to recieve a Faded Crystal
  • Travel to Xarcabard and head toward Castle Zvahl Baileys
  • Find a ??? marker at E-8 in the glowing trenches.
  • Trade your Faded Crystal and spawn the Chaos Elemental
    • The Chaos Elemental is a Light Elemental, therefore he is resistant to all physical damage. A party of 6 at level 40 should be able to kill it.
    • If multiple people are doing the quest you will need to wait 3 min after it dies to pop again.
  • Take the Glowstone that drops from the NM and return to Chumimi. She will give you the Casting Wand in return.