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Location: Mhaura - (G-10)
Type: Kolshushu NPCs
Description: Trades Omega, Ultima, Arch-Omega, and Arch-Ultima parts for pieces of equipment from various sets.
  • Trading one of the Ultima or Omega pieces to Wilhelm will immediately reward you with the corresponding piece of armor. There is no additional cost.
  • Trading an Arch-Ultima or Arch-Omega piece along with certain other items to Wilhelm will reward you with a piece of armor with one of two sets:
    • Corresponding Arch-Omega piece and Homam armor for the equivalent Enif armor.
    • Arch-Omega piece and any two different Apollyon AF+1 Upgrade Materials for the corresponding Murzim armor.
    • Corresponding Arch-Ultima piece and Nashira armor for the equivalent Adhara armor.
    • Arch-Ultima piece and any two different Temenos AF+1 Upgrade Materials for the corresponding Shedir armor.
    • Trading two of the same AF+1 Upgrade Materials does not work. Each piece must be for a different job.
Omega & Ultima Armor
Items Traded Armor Received
Omega's Eye Homam Zucchetto
Omega's Heart Homam Corazza
Omega's Foreleg Homam Manopolas
Omega's Hind Leg Homam Cosciales
Omega's Tail Homam Gambieras
Ultima's Cerebrum Nashira Turban
Ultima's Heart Nashira Manteel
Ultima's Claw Nashira Gages
Ultima's Leg Nashira Seraweels
Ultima's Tail Nashira Crackows
Arch-Omega's Eye Homam Zucchetto Enif Zucchetto
Two Apollyon Materials Murzim Zucchetto
Arch-Omega's Heart Homam Corazza Enif Corazza
Two Apollyon Materials Murzim Corazza
Arch-Omega's Foreleg Homam Manopolas Enif Manopolas
Two Apollyon Materials Murzim Manopolas
Arch-Omega's Hind Leg Homam Cosciales Enif Cosciales
Two Apollyon Materials Murzim Cosciales
Arch-Omega's Tail Homam Gambieras Enif Gambieras
Two Apollyon Materials Murzim Gambieras
Arch-Ultima's Cerebrum Nashira Turban Adhara Turban
Two Temenos Materials Shedir Turban
Arch-Ultima's Heart Nashira Manteel Adhara Manteel
Two Temenos Materials Shedir Manteel
Arch-Ultima's Claw Nashira Gages Adhara Gages
Two Temenos Materials Shedir Gages
Arch-Ultima's Leg Nashira Seraweels Adhara Seraweels
Two Temenos Materials Shedir Seraweels
Arch-Ultima's Tail Nashira Crackows Adhara Crackows
Two Temenos Materials Shedir Crackows

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