Wind’s Blessing

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Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Wind-SMN-Icon.gifSirenSiren
Level Obtained: 88
Description: Grants a Magic Shield effect for party members within area of effect.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Ward
MP Cost: 135
Base Duration: 00:01:00
Command: /pet "Wind's Blessing" <me>


  • Duration is affected by summoning magic skill at the time of the wards use.
  • The Magic Shield effect acts as a Phalanx-like effect that only reduces magic damage.
    • The amount of damage reduced is variable, based on Siren's Base Stats at the time of the wards use via the equation:
Damage Reduction = Siren's MND ÷ 5
  • Magic Shield effect does not disappear after taking one magic hit, it persists through the entire duration of the ability and does not decay in potency.
  • Shares a buff slot and does not stack with, in ascending order of priority: Rampart < Shining Ruby < Wind’s Blessing < One for All.