Windurst Mission 6-1

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Full Moon Fountain
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description At the request of the Orastery, you are to go to the southwestern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins, located in West Sarutabaruta. Deep within you will find a laboratory, where you are ordered to switch on the magical gizmo.
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The Shadow Awaits Saintly Invitation
  • Rank Points


Dahlia Tower

Trade enough Crystals to the Conquest NPC to raise your Rank bar and unlock the Mission, then accept it from the Gate Guard.

  • Talk to Hakkuru-Rinkuru at the Orastery in Port Windurst HP #1 for a cutscene and the Key Item Southwestern star charm.
  • Go to West Sarutabaruta (F-11) and reach the southwestern tower (Dahlia Tower) to enter the Outer Horutoto Ruins.
  • You'll be in Map 4 of Outer Horutoto Ruins. Go to (I-8) and interact with the Cracked Wall.
  • Go straight ahead to (J-8), there will be a second Cracked Wall. Proceed until you finally find the Gate: Magical Gizmo and click it to spawn 4 Jack Cardians.
    • It is not necessary to defeat them all if you allow the others to despawn before defeating the one you pull.
    • If you're low level, sneak up before examining the door, make sure everyone else is well back.
    • The Cardians are magic aggressive so make sure mages are well out of range.
      • If you do this and don't let the others despawn before defeating a Cardian. Then you will not receive the cutscene when you examine the door.
    • The Cardians NMs do not link with each other, but they will link with other naturally spawning Cardians in the area.
  • Examine the door after defeating them for a cutscene. Make sure you keep trying if you see a message saying "A mysterious force is interfering". Eventually the cutscene will trigger.
  • Enter Full Moon Fountain located in Toraimarai Canal Map 1 for a cutscene which completes the mission.