Windurst Mission 3-2

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Written in the Stars
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description On the command of Zubaba, the head lady-in-waiting, you are to journey beneath the central magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins. There, you are to report to the facility managed by Heavens Tower, which protects the talisman that seals Castle Zvahl. Render whatever assistance is necessary.
Previous Mission Next Mission
To Each His Own Right A New Journey

Note: It is advisable not to skip this mission so that you may sooner obtain a Portal charm for passing the Three Mage Gate by yourself.


  • This mission is skipable. Should you skip it and obtain a higher rank, completing this mission will be different. See the notes at the end.
  • Accept the mission and make your way to Heavens Tower.
  • Pass by Kupipi and on to the second floor. Speak to Zubaba who will give you the Key ItemCharm of light.
  • Next, you will need to get past the Three Mage Gate in ruins tower at (J-7) in East Sarutabaruta (this is the same tower as the Survival Guide Inner Horutoto Ruins warp).
    • If you have the Toraimarai Canal Survival Guide warp, you can bypass the gate entirely by warping to Toraimarai Canal and then backtracking slightly to Inner Horutoto Ruins.
    • If you have the Key ItemRhinostery certificate from the quest Toraimarai Turmoil, you can enter Toraimarai Canal from Windurst Walls and run all the way back to Inner Horutoto Ruins.
    • If you or a party member has the Key ItemPortal charm, they can open the gate directly.
      • In order to receive this key item, you need to first complete this mission. Obtain a Rolanberry, and trade it to Kupipi to receive the key item. The Portal Charm is what allows you to pass through the Three Mage Gate without actually requiring the 3 different mages.
    • Otherwise, you will now need a party comprised of a Red Mage, White Mage and a Black Mage. You'll want your party to be at least level 30, as there is a lot of aggro in the area. You can Sneak and Invisible (Status) there, but carefully, as you will need to drop Invisible near sight mobs (Goblins). See below.
  • Pass the Three Mage Gate, and continue on to the small room at (G-7)
  • Check the Gate of Light for a cutscene.
  • Return to Heavens Tower and speak to Zubaba to finish the mission.
  • Note: Zubaba does not give you the Key ItemPortal charm. After you finish the mission, trade a Rolanberry to Kupipi.

Opening the Three Mage Gate

  • Head for the ruins tower at (J-7) in East Sarutabaruta. You are making your way to the same map that the Mahogany Door from a previous mission is on. This is through a small room in (G-8), and on to the new map.
  • On the next map, head for (E-10), and through the Magical Gate of Horutoto. Continue west to (D-10) and to a new area. Ahead is a large room, be careful as there are Weapons here, which will aggro magic. On the floor around the middle of the room are 3 large colored circles. This is known as the Three Mage Gate.
  • Have the RDM stand on the red circle, the WHM on the white circle, and the BLM on the black circle. They should glow, and the door in front will open. Alternately, have the person who has already completed this mission simply check the door, which will do the same thing. Head through quickly, as it cannot be opened from the other side, and will require some backtracking by the rest of the group.
  • You will enter in to around room with two hallways. They look like dead ends, but you can walk right through the walls in to a larger room.
    • The skeletons in this room drop an item for the quest to obtain Aspir. Consider asking your party to kill some to try to receive it (Test Answers).

Repeating the mission

  • If you have skipped this mission and obtained a higher rank, or are repeating it, the mission will work differently:
  • Accept the mission and speak to Zubaba. She will ask for you to bring her 3 Rusty Daggers. These can be purchased on the Auction House (but may be rare), or obtained from the Wendigos past the Three Mage Gate (the same skeletons that drop test answers).
  • Trade Zubaba the daggers to complete the mission. Obtaining the Key ItemPortal charm is done the same way as completing the mission regularly.