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Afflatus Solace

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Job Ability Information
Job White Mage
Type Level  
Level Obtained 40
Description Inspires you to draw strength from the healing spells you cast.
Duration 02:00:00
Recast 00:01:00
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 80
Command /ja "Afflatus Solace" <me>


  • Afflatus Solace is one of two White Mage "stances" (along with Afflatus Misery) that bestows a number of bonuses. This stance grants bonuses intended for a back-line, support white mage located away from their party and out of range of their enemies, with bonuses for Cure Spells, Barspells, Sacrifice, and Holy Spells.
    • Grants a Stoneskin after "Cure" spells are cast equal to 25% of the HP that could have been restored by the spell. This does not apply to Curaga or Cura spells.
    • Adds 5 Magic Defense Bonus of the related element to Barspells.
    • Allows Sacrifice to transfer up to 7 status effects instead of just 1.
    • Increases the base damage of Holy and Holy II proportional to HP healed since ability activation or last holy spell cast (casting Holy or Holy II resets the accumulated value).
      • Base damage bonus caps out at 380, or 1300 HP cured.
  • The Cure spell and Barspell bonuses are enhanced by Orison Bliaud +1 and Orison Bliaud +2 (see below).
  • Will overwrite Afflatus Misery if it is active.
  • Not available via support job.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Orison Bliaud +1 30% of HP healed as Stoneskin and additional 5 MDB to Barspells
Orison Bliaud +2 35% of HP healed as Stoneskin and additional 10 MDB to Barspells
Ebers Briault 37% of HP healed as Stoneskin and additional 12 MDB to Barspells
Ebers Briault +1 39% of HP healed as Stoneskin and additional 14 MDB to Barspells


+1 Body Stoneskin testing (Tildaor, BG)
+2 Body Stoneskin testing (Ejin, BG)
+2 Body MDB Testing (Chuchotrain, Alla)

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