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Arch Dynamis Lord

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Were you looking for Dynamis Lord?

General Notes
  • Probably has access to the following two-hour abilities:
  • Casts Tier III AoE elemental spells, Sleepga and Breakga. At lower HP can cast Tier IV AoE elemental spells and Death.
  • Probably has access to the following weaponskills:
    • Transfusion: AoE Drain.
    • Manastrom: AoE Aspir.
    • Tera Slash: High conal damage, ignores Utsusemi. Sometimes inflicts Death.
    • Violent Rupture: AoE plus Knockback and Weight, absorbed by Utsusemi.
    • Oblivion Smash: AoE damage, absorbed by Utsusemi.
    • Dynamic Assault: Single target physical damage.
    • Dynamic Implosion: AoE physical damage and Terror.
  • Defeating the Arch Dynamis Lord does not grant a time extension.
  • After a certain amount of time has passed (~45 seconds?) he will split into two or more clones, one of which is the 'real' Arch Dynamis Lord.
    • Number of clones appears to be based on ADL's HP at the time of cloning, and all clones share the same HP % as the original.
      • Less than 40% HP will give 3 clones, more than 40% HP will give 2 clones.
      • It is known to be possible to spawn 4 clones and there are 6 in the .dat files.
    • Clone spawning sometimes forces melees to disengage.
    • Defeating the 'real' clone will end the fight, but taking too long (another ~45 seconds) will allow him to split again.
    • Ramuh's Shock Squall is particularly effective, stunning all clones for up to ~10 seconds.
Arch Dynamis Lord
Shadow Lord 2.png
Type Demons
Family Demon
Class NM
Crystal Dark Crystal icon.png Dark Crystal
Detects Sound


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Dynamis - Xarcabard
     Trade Fiendish Tome: Chapter 26, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 27, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 28, Fiendish Tome: Chapter 29, and Fiendish Tome: Chapter 30 to the ??? at the Castle Zvahl zone. (Approximately E-8.)
Level A L Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
    1 FFXIDB Icon v3.png Question Question     Question
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune

Ability Information

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