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Astral Flow

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Job Ability Information
Job Summoner
Type SP Ability
Description Allows Avatars to use their full strength.
Duration 00:03:00
Recast 01:00:00
Cumulative Enmity Question Volatile Enmity Question
Command /ja "Astral Flow" <me>


  • While Astral Flow is in effect, perpetuation cost for any summon is zero.
  • Astral Flow can only be used when an avatar is summoned.
  • While Astral Flow is in effect, the Summoner's innate Auto Refresh trait will slowly restore their MP.
  • Astral Flow unlocks powerful (but resistible) area-of-effect magical attacks for each avatar. These are found under Blood Pact: Rage.
  • Use of an Astral Flow ability will consume all MP. Minimum MP cost of an Astral Flow ability is Main Job Level * 2.
  • Odin and Alexander can only be summoned while under the effect of Astral Flow.
  • With the exception of the Astral Flow pacts from Odin and Alexander, which immediately end Astral Flow, it will remain in effect for three minutes, so it is possible to use several Astral Flow pacts before the two-hour ability's effect wears off.

Astral Flow Abilities
Avatar Blood Pact Unlocked Element
Carbuncle Searing Light Element: Light
Diabolos Ruinous Omen Element: Dark
Fenrir Howling Moon Element: Dark
Garuda Aerial Blast Element: Wind
Ifrit Inferno Element: Fire
Leviathan Tidal Wave Element: Water
Ramuh Judgment Bolt Element: Thunder
Shiva Diamond Dust Element: Ice
Titan Earthen Fury Element: Earth
Odin Zantetsuken Element: Dark
Alexander Perfect Defense Element: Light


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Summoner's Horn +2 Augment-Icon.png: Extends Astral Flow effect by 30 seconds.


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