Zantetsuken (Blood Pact)

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Were you looking for Zantetsuken or Zantetsuken X?

Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Dark-SMN-Icon.gifOdinOdin
Level Obtained: 75
Description: Vanquishs all foes within the area of effect in one fell strike.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Rage
MP Cost: All of the caster's MP.
Duration: Instant
Command: /pet "Zantetsuken"


Astral Flow must be active to summon Odin. Odin will automatically use this Blood Pact.

  • When used against NMs, will instead deal damage.
  • Amount of damage dealt and accuracy will vary with the summoner’s consumed MP.
  • More monsters within the area of effect will reduce accuracy.
    • Highly inaccurate against regular monsters.