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Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Slot Description Jobs
Sacro Gorget Sacro Gorget icon.png 99 0 0 Neck DEF:30 HP+50 Enmity+5 "Cure" potency +10% "Regen" potency +10% PLD / RUN
Citrullus Shirt Citrullus Shirt icon.png 1 0 0 Body DEF:1 Dispense: Watermelon Snow Cone

<1/1 0:30/[20:00:00, 0:30]>

Sacro Breastplate Sacro Breastplate icon.png 99 119 0 Body DEF:170 HP+182 MP+73 STR+40 DEX+21 VIT+25 AGI+33 INT+37 MND+25 CHR+38 Accuracy+25 Attack+60 Magic Accuracy+25 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+40 "Magic Def. Bonus"+12 Magic Damage+60 Evasion+96 Magic Evasion+129 Haste+5% "Counter"+15 "Fast Cast"+10% "Subtle Blow"+15 "Regen"+13 WAR / PLD / DRK / BST / SAM / DRG
Sacro Cord Sacro Cord icon.png 99 0 0 Waist INT+8 MND+8 Magic Accuracy+8 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+8 Enmity-3 WHM / BLM / RDM / BLU / SCH / GEO
Sacro Mantle Sacro Mantle icon.png 99 0 0 Back DEX+25 AGI+25 Accuracy+20 Attack+20 Ranged Accuracy+20 Ranged Attack+20 Magic Accuracy+20 Weapon skill damage +6% "Skillchain Bonus"+8 MNK / THF / BST / NIN / PUP / DNC
Sacro Bulwark Sacro Bulwark icon.png 99 119 0 Shields DEF:65 Shield skill +112 "Cure" potency +5% Spell interruption rate down 7% Chance of successful block +15 Damage taken -10% WAR / RDM / PLD / BST


Name Icon LV iLV SuLV Skill Description Jobs
Ranine Staff Ranine Staff icon.png 1 0 0 Staff DMG:1 Delay:366 All


Name Icon Stack Description
Dia III (Scroll) Dia III (Scroll) icon.png 1 RDM Lv.75 Teaches the white magic Dia III. Lowers an enemy's defense and gradually deals light elemental damage.
Bio III (Scroll) Bio III (Scroll) icon.png 1 RDM Lv.75 / DRK Lv.40 Teaches the black magic Bio III. Deals dark damage that weakens an enemy's attacks and gradually reduces its HP.
Blind II (Scroll) Blind II (Scroll) icon.png 1 RDM Lv.75 Teaches the black magic Blind II. Blinds an enemy, lowering its accuracy.
Slow II (Scroll) Slow II (Scroll) icon.png 1 RDM Lv.75 Teaches the white magic Slow II. Reduces an enemy's attack speed.
Paralyze II (Scroll) Paralyze II (Scroll) icon.png 1 RDM Lv.75 Teaches the white magic Paralyze II. Paralyzes an enemy.
Phalanx II (Scroll) Phalanx II (Scroll) icon.png 1 RDM Lv.75 Teaches the white magic Phalanx II. Gives you a certain amount of damage resistance.


Name Icon Stack Description
Cheesestk. Sand. Cheesestk. Sand. icon.png 12 This savory sandwich features seasoned beef topped with melted cheese and is served on a fresh roll. STR+5 DEX+3 VIT+5 AGI+3 INT-5 MND-5 Attack+25% (Max. 70) DEF+25% (Max. 70)
Clam Chowder Clam Chowder icon.png 12 This rich and creamy soup features a mixture of shellfish and fresh vegetables that soothes the soul as well as the belly. HP+15% (Max. 100) Accuracy+10% (Max. 50) Attack+10% (Max. 50) Ranged Accuracy+10% (Max. 50) Ranged Attack+10% (Max. 50) Magic Accuracy+10% (Max. 50)
Popoto Gratin Popoto Gratin icon.png 99 This delectable dish features fried popotoes topped with melted cheese and provides warm thoughts of home when you need them the most. "Double Attack"+5% "Store TP"+5
Behemoth Sand. Behemoth Sand. icon.png 12 This sandwich is made from minced behemoth meat, Adoulinian tomatoes, and crisp vegetables carefully piled between two slices of soft, fresh bread. STR+4 DEX+4 Accuracy+10% (Max. 50) Attack+20% (Max. 50) DEF+20% (Max. 50) "Magic Def. Bonus"+5
Rustic Fish Rustic Fish icon.png 12 This traditional dish from the Tavnazian region blends a variety of fresh and local ingredients to form a slightly spicy, but ever-so-delicious, meal. Accuracy+10% (Max. 50) Magic Accuracy+10% (Max. 50) Evasion+10% (Max. 50) Magic Evasion+10% (Max. 50) "Regen"+2
Cornbread Cornbread icon.png 99 A quick bread made from millioncorn that has been ground and dried, it expertly toes the line between sweet and savory. Magic burst damage II +2 "Fast Cast"+5%
W. Snow Cone W. Snow Cone icon.png 12 A ridiculously simple dessert comprised of nothing more than a heap of ice shavings doused with a sweet dose of watermelon-flavored syrup. HP+30% (Max. 100) MP+30% (Max. 50) INT+3 MND+3 Element: Wind+5

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Alexander Annihilator

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