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Were you looking for Bismarck (Server)?

General Notes
  • Assisted by up to ten Primordial Pugils.
    • Five initially spawn a few seconds after Bismarck, and more in groups of up to five periodically thereafter (no more will spawn if all ten are being held).
    • The pugils will only use normal attacks and Recoil Dive.
  • Has high evasion and physical defense and/or PDT-.
  • Possesses approximately -15~20% player critical hit rate.
  • Regular attacks reduce all targets' accumulated TP by half and give a status effect depending on which side the attack was received from:
    • Frontal attacks have additional effect Defense Down or Slow.
    • Side attacks have additional effect Paralyze.
    • Rear (tail) attacks are most powerful and have additional effect Terror.
  • Occasionally gains a moderately strong Shock Spikes effect.
  • Can use Mighty Strikes multiple times throughout the fight.
  • Uses the following TP moves:
    • Caudal Capacitor: AoE Stun (no damage: radial, centered on Bismarck)
    • Deep Sea Dirge: Ranged AoE damage and Amnesia
    • Baleen Gurge: AoE HP drain and partial draw-in
    • Waterspout: AoE (frontal conal) damage and all attributes down
    • Angry Seas: AoE damage, Gravity, and Encumbrance.
    • Blowhole Blast: AoE damage and Paralysis
    • Echolocation: AoE damage and Silence
    • Depth Charge: Frontal AoE damage, Terror, and knockback
    • Thar She Blows: Frontal instant KO
  • Casts various water and lightning elemental spells (Water IV, Water V, Waterga III, Waterja, Flood II, Thunder IV, Thunder V, Thundaga III, Thundaja, and Burst II).
    • Bismarck has no Fast Cast and spells are particularly easy to stun or out-range as they all have lengthy casting times.
Type Aquans
Family Pteraketos
Class Voidwatch NM


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Bibiki Bay
     Voidwatch Path: Hyacinth II
      Rift Locations: Map 2 (Purgonorgo Isle)
Caudal Capacitor
Deep Sea Dirge
Baleen Gurge
Angry Seas
Blowhole Blast
Depth Charge
Thar She Blows
Mighty Strikes Two-Hour.png
Water IV
Water V
Waterga III
Flood II
Thunder IV
Thunder V
Thundaga III
Burst II
Level A L Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
    FFXIDB Icon v3.png Question Question     Element: Thunder
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune
Primordial Pugil x10 Bismarck Flenser

Ability Information

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