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This is a category of identical Quests used to unlock Empyrean Weapon Skills.

Kupofried's Weapon Skill Moogle Magic.jpg
Kupofried's Weapon Skill Moogle Magic
Required Fame Other Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 90~99
Starting NPC Kupofried, (???) Walk of Echoes
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Certain arcane powers known as "weapon skills" in adventurer vernacular can supposedly be harbored in one's body through the use of moogle magic.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Guardian of the Void
Posses either:
The ability to use Empyrean Weapon Skills with any weapon of the same type.


NOTE: You must have completed the Voidwatch storyline quest Guardian of the Void to proceed with this quest.

  • Obtain either of the following:
  • If this is your first Empyrean Weapon Skill, equip either required weapon and select the glowing ??? in the Walk of Echoes.
    • This spot may be accessed easiest via the Home Point warp in Xarcabard (S), and then continue north after warping in. It is on the raised platform.
  • Select the weapon type you wish to unlock.
    • Selecting a type different to the equipped weapon requires that appropriate weapon.
  • Trade the ??? your level 99 Walk of Echoes Weapon or level 90+ Empyrean Weapon for a short scene unlocking the Weapon Skill.
    • You may now use the corresponding weaponskill without the weapon which may now be discarded if you so choose.
  • For weapon skills after your first, simply examine the ??? and select the skill you wish to unlock. You then only need to trade either of the required weapons to unlock the ability.
  • This means you may unlock the weaponskills before level 90 or 99 on subsequent jobs, but you will not be able to use them at earlier levels until that point.

NOTE:: There is a game day wait before trading another weapon.

Coin of Glory icon.png Walk of Echoes Coin Distribution Details
Almace (Level 80) icon.png
Ukonvasara (Level 80) icon.png
Great Axe
Kannagi (Level 80) icon.png
Farsha (Level 80) icon.png
Verethragna (Level 80) icon.png
Rhongomiant (Level 80) icon.png
Twashtar (Level 80) icon.png
Redemption (Level 80) icon.png
Armageddon (Level 80) icon.png
Caladbolg (Level 80) icon.png
Great Sword
Masamune (Level 80) icon.png
Great Katana
Gambanteinn (Level 80) icon.png
Gandiva (Level 80) icon.png
Ruin Hvergelmir (Level 80) icon.png

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