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Update12-07-2009 4.jpg

Synergy is a form of Synthesis involving up to six crafters and a special apparatus called a Portafurnace icon.png Synergy Furnace.

In order to trade materials and initiate a Synergy recipe, you must Speak to a Synergy Engineer and acquire the Synergy crucible Key Item.

It is possible to take part in Synergy without a crucible of your own, but you cannot initiate a recipe so things like Tatter and Scrap Augments are off limits to you.

Synergy Recipes

Due to the vast amount of Synergy Recipes in the game, we needed to divide them into individual pages according to rank. Please click on the rank you wish to view.

A couple quick notes regarding Recipes:

  • "Craft Requirements": At least one player must be in your party to represent each of the required ranks. If you can reach all required levels, you do not need anybody else to join you.
    • Ex: If two Veteran ranks are required, you obviously cannot do this yourself as you can only have one Veteran ranked craft.
  • The closer your elemental balance to each element, the higher your chance of HQ.
  • Each elemental balance level must be within 3 strength, above or below, in order to finish a synth.
  • Elemental balance that is not required has no affect on the outcome of the synth. It can be as high or as low as possible with no bearing.
Synergy Recipes
Amateur Recruit Initiate Novice Apprentice
Journeyman Craftsman Artisan Adept Veteran

Synergy Furnace Overview

Synergy is a far more complicated and involved process than regular crafting, even an overview of the process is complex. Unlike normal crafting which has a minimum of involvement after the ingredients are obtained, Synergy is essentially a large menu system that requires careful balancing to obtain the optimal result. Once a player has a Synergy crucible Key Item, he or she may begin a synergy session. A player may examine a Synergy Furnace to claim it to initiate a session and install his or her synergy crucible, then trade ingredients to the Furnace to begin the Synergy process. Once the process has begun, examining the Synergy Furnace will show the following options.

Update12-07-2009 3.jpg
  • Select an action.
  • Feed fewell.
    • Consumes a fewell to alter the elemental balance of the Synergy process.
  • Operate furnace.
    • Performs special actions upon the furnace. You cannot perform these actions if you have a status effect from an overload.
  • View furnace readings.
    • Tells you the elemental energy, internal pressure, impurity level, and synergy status of the furnace.
  • End synergy.
    • Allows you to stop the process and retrieve the finished product.
  • Review objective.
  • Toggle command confirmation [off/on].
  • Close menu.

Feed fewell

  • Feed which fewell?
  • Element: Fire fewell.
  • Element: Ice fewell.
  • Element: Wind fewell.
  • Element: Earth fewell.
  • Element: Thunder fewell.
  • Element: Water fewell.
  • Element: Light fewell.
  • Element: Dark fewell.
  • Cancel.

Feeding a fewell will consume one of the fewells from the active synergy crucible in order to increase the energy of that element in the furnace. Feeding a fewell will increase the total fewell of that type in the furnace by up to 10, and reduce the amount of fewell of the type to which the fed fewell is ascendant (or opposed) by 2. For example, feeding a fire fewell will reduce the ice fewell value by 2 (this can be used to indirectly tweak the numbers of various alignments downwards if they are overfed). An elemental surge (perfect, or "critical," fewell feed) will increase the fewell by the maximum possible amount (10 or more depending on effects), or will perfectly align that fewell to the required value if the current alignment is close enough (an elemental surge will reduce the descendant or opposed fewell by 1).

As the synergy process continues, a fewell "leak" becomes more and more likely. Leaks can be repaired by adding fewell of the element descendant (or opposed) to the leak, with a random chance of repairing the leak on each fewell addition. For example, a fire leak can be repaired with ice fewell additions. While the furnace is leaking, the leaking element's alignment will tick downards by one per tick, and the element ascendant (or opposed) to that element will tick upwards by one per tick.

Fewells can be replenished in one of three ways. First, you may speak to a Synergy Engineer and have the fewell completely restocked for a less-than-nominal gil fee. Secondly, you may trade crystals of that element to a claimed Synergy Furnace to increase that element's fewell supply by one. Thirdly, you may craft elemental fewell items and trade them to a claimed Synergy Furnace to increase that element's fewell supply by fifty. When trading crystals or fewell items, the fewell supply of the active synergy crucible will be refilled regardless of which player trades the item.

Operate furnace.

Option Name Description Fewell Cost Armor Required
Thwack furnace. Apply a measured thwack to the furnace to prevent explosion.
  • Used to prevent explosions while they are occurring. About a 10%~ chance of success at level 0.
  • Also reduces impurity levels to 0% if successful.
* Native
Operate pressure handle. Operate the pressure handle to lower internal pressure.
  • Reduce the damage caused by an explosion to both the player and the furnace.
  • Lower pressure also reduces the chances of an elemental leak from occurring.
3 Element: Dark Native
Operate safety lever. Operate the safety lever to purge impurities from inside the furnace and reduce the likelihood of an explosion
  • An explosion will never occur at impurity levels below 30%.
6 Element: Dark Native
Repair furnace. Restore the furnace's durability.
  • Slightly restores HP to the furnace.
6 Element: Light Native
Recycle strewn fewell. Gather and feed explosion-strewn fewell fragments to the furnace.
  • Increases the quantity of cinder obtained as a by-product.
None Native
Fishing: Lunar Smarts. Temporarily increase the likelihood of an elemental surge. Effect varies depending on the moon phase. 5 Element: Fire Fisherman's Smock
Fishing: Precision Thwack. Apply a precisely aimed blow to the furnace to prevent an explosion, with results superior to the standard thwack. Effect varies depending on moon phase. * Fisherman's Cuffs
Woodworking: Cyclical Smarts. Deftly manipulate the furnace's internal elemental balance to temporarily mitigate the rate of wear. 10 Element: Earth Carpenter's Smock
Woodworking: Earth Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Earth-based explosions. 5 Element: Wind Carpenter's Cuffs
Smithing: Combustive Smarts. Temporarily improve fewell combustion rate. 10 Element: Water Blacksmith's Smock
Smithing: Fire Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Fire-based explosions. 5 Element: Water Blacksmith's Cuffs
Goldsmithing: Engraver's Touch. Evenly disperse the furnace's internal stress to delay a looming explosion. 10 Element: Light Goldsmith's Smock
Goldsmithing: Wind Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Wind-based explosions. 5 Element: Ice Goldsmith's Cuffs
Clothcraft: Restorer's Touch. Restore furnace durability by a significant amount. 10 Element: Light Weaver's Smock
Clothcraft: Lightning Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Thunder-based explosions. 5 Element: Earth Weaver's Cuffs
Leathercraft: Pressurization Smarts. Temporarily suppress fluctuations in internal pressure. 10 Element: Ice Tanner's Smock
Leathercraft: Ice Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Ice-based explosions. 5 Element: Fire Tanner's Cuffs
Bonecraft: Carbonization Smarts. Temporarily increase the likelihood of an elemental surge. 10 Element: Fire Boneworker's Smock
Bonecraft: Dark Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Dark-based explosions. 5 Element: Light Boneworker's Cuffs
Alchemy: Alchemical Smarts. Temporarily suppress the force of explosions. 10 Element: Earth Alchemist's Smock
Alchemy: Light Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Light-based explosions. 5 Element: Dark Alchemist's Cuffs
Cooking: Heating Smarts. Gradually purge the furnace of impurities. 10 Element: Light Culinarian's Smock
Cooking: Water Affinity. Keenly observe the flow of elements to prevent Element: Water-based explosions. 5 Element: Thunder Culinarian's Cuffs

Note: Actions marked with a * reduce furnace durability (or HP), with Precision Thwack reducing less than a normal Thwack.

These actions are meant to improve the chances of a successful synergy by staving off explosions by clearing out impurities and lowering the damage of explosions by reducing pressure. The craft-specific abilities are accessed by wearing the cuffs or smocks for that craft. Having the appropriate craft skill is not required to equip the cuffs or to gain access to the attached abilities.

  • The abilities granted by Cuffs function as specialized Thwacks with extremely high success rates. (Much higher than 5/5 Thwacking.)
    • They don't appear to reduce furnace HP.
    • When successful, reduces impurity level to 5%.

Synergy Training

Every 5 Synergy Skill levels, you are given the option to raise your proficiency at one of the base 6 Synergy skills by one level to a cap of level 5, similar to merit points. If you do not use these points when they become available, they will accumulate until you choose to spend them. There is no way to change or reset your skill points, so choose wisely.

Serious testing as to the effects of these skill points has not been done, but they have been eyeballed as follows:

  • Fewell Feeding : Each level increases the average elemental yield per fewell fed.
  • Thwacking : Each level increases the success rate of "Thwack" by about 10%.
  • Pressure Handle : Each level increases the efficacy of Pressure Handle by Question.
  • Safety Lever : Each level increases the efficacy of Safety Lever by Question.
  • Repair Furnace : Each level increases the average HP restored with "Repair Furnace"
  • Recycle strewn fewell : Each level yields more fewell recovered on average Question

Skilling Up

Currently, it seems the best way to skill up Synergy is simply to take a maximum level recipe and spam a fewell it requires until you cap. If you spam an element that the recipe does not require, you will never get a skill up. The best fewell to spam is Earth Fewell, because you can cast Haste on yourself and suffer no negative side effects from the furnace explosions. Do not select "Complete Synergy" until you have capped your skill.

Items required for a recipe cannot be lost if you fail. The only loss is your Fewell.

Alternatively, if you have the appropriate Cuffs, you can spam any element with little danger of explosions. This had the added benefit of an additional skillup chance, which appears to be rather high compared to other actions. Seemingly high skillup chance may be only due to the very high success rate of the Affinity thwacks when compared to other actions. The only downside to this is the increased fewell cost which is partially offset by avoiding the fewell loss from an explosion occurring.

Interesting/Relevant Stats:

  • It takes approximately 80 "Feed Fewell"s on average to gain one skill level between level 1 and 60.
  • It takes approximately 180 "Feed Fewell"s on average to gain one skill level between level 60 and 80.
  • This totals about 8600 "Feed Fewell"s to get from level 1 to level 80, or ~15 stacks of Fewell.

There is still much more to do here!

Skill Cap Formula: Current Level + Impurity % given per fewell fed. Note, however, that there is a lower cap of 5%, so you will need to get 6% or higher to be able to determine the skill cap. Verification Needed until more data agrees with this formula.


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