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The May 2011 Update included new recipes that allow players to Synergize Augments onto their uncursed Abjuration gear and other Sky gear.

"Tatters" and "Scraps" obtained from abjurations and sky god seals are used in Synergy recipes that add augments to your equipment. At the completion of the Synergy, you are given the option to keep or reject the new augment set. If you choose not to keep it, your piece of equipment with its old Augment is returned to you. If you keep it, you get the new augment. Either way, you lose the "Tatter" or "Scrap" any time you successfully complete the Synergy.

Obtaining Tatters and Scraps

Tatters are a product of Abjuration Synergy. Yield is based upon the Abjuration slot used (Head/Body/Hands/Legs/Feet) and the HQ Tier.
Example: Martial Abjuration: Hands -> HQ 1 Synergy -> 8 Martial Tatters

Scraps are a product of Seal Synergy. Yield is based only on the HQ Tier with Seals.
Example: Seal of Suzaku -> HQ 2 Synergy -> 8 Suzaku Scraps

Generic Recipes

With the exception of Kirin's Osode and Kirin's Pole, only one specific "Tatter" or "Scrap" is appropriate for any given piece of equipment.

  • Non-Abjuration Sky gear is synergized with a Scrap from the seal of the same monster that drops the equipment.
  • Abjuration gear is synergized with a Tatter from its own Abjuration family.


Possible augments vary on a piece-by-piece basis. There are three subsets of augments:

  • HQ-Forced Augments: Each piece has one specific augment that is forced to appear on any tier high-quality synergy result.
  • Common Augments: Each piece has four specific augments that occur with high probability. These additional four augments are a combination of uncommon stats like Enhances Zanshin or Pet: Magic Accuracy and more common stats like Attack or DEX.
  • Random Augments: All pieces share a large pool of augments which contains common stats and resistances. Augments from this pool are chosen slightly less frequently than "common augments" with a strong bias towards resistances at lower result quality tiers.

Using an HQ Abjuration armor (e.g. Armada Hauberk vs. Adaman Hauberk) increases the cap (but not the minimum) on the "HQ" and "common" augments, typically by 1. This is not applicable for Sky God Armor/Weapons, which have no High Quality versions.

The synergy augment process works as follows:

  • You synergize your armor with the appropriate scrap or tatter (your synergy skill level and final elemental alignment influence the HQ tier of the result).
    • It is possible to determine the HQ tier of the result from the Cinder yield (see the table below).
  • Your HQ Tier determines the number and type of slots for augments you get, as well as the potential range of values of the augments (see the table below).
    • The "HQ augment" values increase with each HQ tier, with the highest value only possible on HQ3.
    • The "common" four augments values increase with each HQ tier, with the highest values generally possible on HQ2 or HQ3.
    • "Random" augment values are not related to HQ tier.
  • There appears to be a 50% or greater chance of slots besides the "HQ augment" being one of the four "common augments" for that piece rather than one from the "random augment" pool. The random augment pool does not consider the stats already on the armor/weapon before determining which augment will be received (i.e. you could get DEX+5 on a Byakko's Haidate or Magic Attack Bonus+8 on Zenith Mitts), so it is actually possible to get better augments pulling from the Random Augment pool than the 1-in-4 pool, which could result in extremely powerful (and extremely rare) stat combinations.
  • Approximate overall success rates for a skill level 80 synergist (assuming the synergy process is ended with perfect alignment) are NQ: ~15%, HQ1: ~60%, HQ2: ~15%, HQ3: ~10%.

Quality Cinder Augments
HQ-Forced Common Random
Normal 100 Eks.gif One
Low Potency Full Range
HQ1 110 Check.gif One
Low to High Potency Low to Medium Potency Full Range
HQ2 120 Check.gif One
Low to High Potency Low to High Potency Full Range
HQ3 130 Check.gif One or Two
Medium to Highest Potency Medium to High Potency Full Range

Random Augment Pool

Selection of augments from the random pool (but not the range of values) is influenced by the HQ tier of the synergy result, with the lower three rows (statistics, as opposed to resistances) being more probable at higher HQ tiers.

Augment Type Subtypes Range
Elemental Resistance Element: Light / Element: Dark / Element: Fire / Element: Earth / Element: Water / Element: Wind / Element: Ice / Element: Thunder 1-9
Status Resistance Resist Virus/Slow/Stun/Paralyze/Blind/Bind/Silence/Poison/Sleep/Gravity 1-6
Other Stats M.Acc/M.Eva/MAB/Acc/Eva/Atk/R.Acc/R.Atk 1-8
HP/MP HP/MP 1-31

The HQ-forced and four common augments for each piece of armor are listed below. Reference the armor page for the known ranges of values on the augments.

Augments from the Random Augment table above will not be listed on individual pages, as the probability of them occurring does not vary from piece to piece.

Sky God Armor and Weapon Augments

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Genbu's Kabuto Haste Evasion Subtle Blow
Spell Interruption Rate Physical Damage Taken
Genbu's Shield Cure Potency HP MP
Magic Accuracy Cure Spellcasting Time
Suzaku's Sune-Ate Haste Fast Cast Magic Evasion
Magic Defense Bonus Pet: Magic Evasion
Suzaku's Scythe Base Damage STR MND
INT Haste
Byakko's Haidate Store TP MND AGI
VIT Critical Hit Damage
Byakko's Axe Base Damage DEX VIT
Critical Hit Rate Question
Seiryu's Kote Store TP Accuracy Attack
Evasion Critical Hit Rate
Seiryu's Sword Base Damage Dual Wield Accuracy
Question Question

Kirin's Osode and Kirin's Pole Augments

The augments received on Kirin's Osode and Kirin's Pole vary with the type of scrap used in the synergy augment process.

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Kirin's Osode
(Genbu Scrap)
Regen Accuracy Attack
Evasion Physical Damage Taken
Kirin's Osode
(Suzaku Scrap)
Double Attack Accuracy Attack
Evasion Critical Hit Damage
Kirin's Osode
(Byakko Scrap)
Dual Wield Accuracy Attack
Evasion Critical Hit Rate
Kirin's Osode
(Seiryu Scrap)
Snapshot Accuracy Attack
Evasion Ranged AttackVerification Needed
Kirin's Pole
(Genbu Scrap)
Base Damage Accuracy Attack
VIT Enhancing Magic Skill
Kirin's Pole
(Suzaku Scrap)
Base Damage Accuracy Attack
STR Elemental Magic Skill
Kirin's Pole
(Byakko Scrap)
Base Damage Accuracy Attack
DEX Summoning Magic Skill
Kirin's Pole
(Seiryu Scrap)
Base Damage Accuracy Attack
AGI Enfeebling Magic Skill

Aquarian (Zenith Armor + Aquarian Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Zenith Crown/+1 Magic Attack Bonus Enhancing Magic Skill Divine Magic Skill
Dark Magic Skill Magic Critical Hit Rate
Dalmatica/+1 Occasionally Quickens Spellcasting Fast Cast Magic Attack Bonus
Magic Accuracy Pet: Magic Defense Bonus
Zenith Mitts/+1 INT Enmity- Conserve MP
Magic Burst Damage Pet: Magic Accuracy
Zenith Slacks/+1 Song Spellcasting Time HP & MP Wind Instrument Skill
HP Recovered While Healing MP Recovered While Healing
Zenith Pumps/+1 Summoning Magic Skill Cure Potency Cure Spellcasting Time
Healing Magic Skill Pet: Magic Attack Bonus

Dryadic (Shura Armor + Dryadic Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Shura Zunari Kabuto/+1 Weapon Skill Damage DEX Attack
Conserve TP Skillchain Damage
Shura Togi/+1 Haste Subtle Blow Evasion
Ninja Tool Expertise Critical Hit Rate
Shura Kote/+1 Counter AGI Evasion
Spell Interruption Rate Enemy Critical Hit Rate
Shura Haidate/+1 Dual Wield AGI Enmity+
Store TP Ranged Accuracy
Shura Sune-Ate/+1 Kick Attacks STR VIT
AGI Double Attack

Earthen (Adaman Armor + Earthen Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Adaman/Armada Celata Dark Magic Skill Magic Accuracy Conserve MP
MP Recovered While Healing Question
Adaman/Armada Hauberk Double Attack HP MP
Store TP Subtle Blow
Adaman/Armada Mufflers Haste AGI CHR
Adaman/Armada Breeches STR INT Conserve TP
Enmity- Pet: Attack/Ranged Attack
Adaman/Armada Sollerets Pet: Haste CHR Call Beast Delay
Pet: DEF Pet: Subtle Blow

Hadean (Shadow Coat Armor + Hadean Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Shadow/Valkyrie's Hat Pet: Magic Attack Bonus String Instrument Skill Elemental Magic Skill
Enhancing Magic Skill Pet: Magic Accuracy
Shadow/Valkyrie's Coat Magic Accuracy INT MND
CHR Magic Critical Hit Rate
Shadow/Valkyrie's Cuffs Magic Attack Bonus Spell Interruption Rate Conserve MP
Pet: Magic Attack Bonus MP
Shadow/Valkyrie's Trews Magic Attack Bonus Elemental Magic Skill Blood Pact Ability Delay
Pet: Critical Hit Rate Pet: Attack/Ranged Attack
Shadow/Valkyrie's Clogs Singing Skill Dark Magic Skill Divine Magic Skill
Enfeebling Magic Skill MP

Martial (Koenig Armor + Martial Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Koenig/Kaiser Schaller Fast Cast Shield Mastery Breath Damage Taken
Enemy Critical Hit Rate Cure Potency
Koenig/Kaiser Cuirass Physical Damage Taken Conserve MP Spell Interruption Rate
Enmity+ Refresh
Koenig/Kaiser Handschuhs Counter MP Accuracy
Shield Skill Enmity+
Koenig/Kaiser Diechlings Magic Damage Taken MP Magic Evasion
Healing Magic Skill Divine Magic Skill
Koenig/Kaiser Schuhs Regen Attack Accuracy
Haste Evasion

Neptunal (Hecatomb Armor + Neptunal Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Hecatomb Cap/+1 Double Attack INT CHR
VIT Attack
Hecatomb Harness/+1 DEX Attack Conserve TP
Store TP Pet: Store TP
Hecatomb Mittens/+1 Critical Hit Damage Accuracy Dagger Skill
Sword Skill Axe Skill
Hecatomb Subligar/+1 Critical Hit Rate Evasion Accuracy
Subtle Blow Pet: Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy
Hecatomb Leggings/+1 STR Attack Great Axe Skill
Scythe Skill Polearm Skill

Phantasmal (Shadow Breastplate Armor + Phant. Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Shadow/Valkyrie's Helm HQ1/HQ2: MP
HQ3: Refresh
Enmity+ Magic Damage Taken
Shadow/Valkyrie's Breastplate Triple Attack Accuracy Magic Evasion
Magic Defense Bonus Zanshin
Shadow/Valkyrie's Gauntlets Double Attack Great Axe Skill Scythe Skill
Great Sword Skill STR
Shadow/Valkyrie's Cuishes Haste Dark Magic Skill STR
Shadow/Valkyrie's Sabatons Critical Hit Rate Evasion Subtle Blow
Ranged Accuracy Critical Hit Damage

Wyrmal (Crimson Armor + Wyrmal Tatter)

Equipment HQ Augment Common Augments
Crimson/Blood Mask Magic Accuracy MND AGI
Ranged Accuracy Quick Draw Ability Delay
Crimson/Blood Scale Mail Haste STR AGI
CHR Accuracy
Crimson/Blood Finger Gauntlets Snapshot MND Enmity-
Subtle Blow Marksmanship Skill
Crimson/Blood Cuisses Fast Cast VIT Evasion
Magic Evasion Magic Defense Bonus
Crimson/Blood Greaves Blue Magic Skill Accuracy Store TP
Skillchain Damage Subtle Blow

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