Shield Mastery

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Job Trait Information
Description Grants bonus TP when blocking an attack with a shield. Also prevents spell interruption.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I PLD 25, WAR 80, RDM 87 +10 TP
II PLD 50, WAR 87, RDM 97 +20 TP
III PLD 75, WAR 94 +30 TP
IV PLD 96 +40 TP
V PLD 99 (125JP Gift) +43 TP
VI PLD 99 (450JP Gift) +46 TP
VII PLD 99 (1050JP Gift) +50 TP
VIII PLD 99 (1900JP Gift) +55 TP


  • Additional TP from this trait will be added to the normal TP you gain from taking damage
    • ~20 base TP depending on monster delay. This base is affected by Store TP, but the TP from Shield Mastery itself is not.
  • This trait prevents spells from being interrupted by a blocked attack.
    • If a monster attacks multiple times in one round, all attacks must be blocked.
  • This trait was recently changed on the test server and no longer requires damage be taken by the unblocked attack (minus Phalanx), but you still gain the ~20 TP for the "hit" that did 0 damage.
  • Shield Mastery does not prevent or reduce the damage taken by Additional Effects that an attacking monster may have, nor does it prevent their Status Effects.
  • Equipment that gives Shield Mastery +N increases the TP gained when blocking by N*10


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Tower Shield AugRank.png: Shield Mastery +1~2
Reverence Gauntlets +1 Shield Mastery +1
Reverence Gauntlets +2 Shield Mastery +1
Reverence Gauntlets +3 Shield Mastery +2
Adoubeur's Pavise Shield Mastery +1
Koenig Schaller AugRank.png: Shield Mastery +1~2
Kaiser Schaller AugRank.png: Shield Mastery +1~3
Beatific Shield AugRank.png: Shield Mastery +1~3
Nixxer Shield Mastery +2
Svalinn AugRank.png:Shield Mastery +1~4