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A Magic Critical Hit (similar to a melee Critical Hit) is a magic attack that yields bonus damage beyond the normal expected magic damage. Unlike a melee critical hit, the only way to have any magic critical hit rate at all is with equipment or buffs which explicitly have a statistic of "Magic Critical Hit Rate." Also unlike melee critical hits, there is no notification in the log stating when a magic critical hit occurs.

Magic Critical Hit Rate

  • All jobs have a 0% base magic critical hit rate; there are no job traits or attributes which can enhance this rate.
  • The only way to achieve a magic critical hit rate is through the use of gear or buffs which explicitly add magic critical hit rate.
  • There is no known cap to magic critical hit rate (and there may not be one).
  • You can only "Magic Crit" Blue Magic, Divine Magic, and Elemental Magic.

Magic Critical Hit Damage

  • At its base level, a "magic critical hit" is equivalent to Magic Attack Bonus+10 in the magic damage calculation, and stacks additively with the magic attack bonus term in the equation.
  • The magic attack bonus associated with a magic critical hit can be increased with gear or buffs which specifically enhance "Magic Critical Hit Damage."
    • The percentage value on this equipment is actually a straight addition to the associated magic attack bonus term.
    • Magic critical hit damage caps at +40 magic attack bonus (10 base, and up to +30 from gear/buffs).

Example: 5% Magic Critical Hit Rate and +15% Magic Critical Hit Damage in gear will result in a 25 MAB bonus 5% of the time. In terms of average damage over a large sample of nukes, this is equivalent to 1.25 MAB (5% * 25 MAB).

Magic Critical Hit II

Equipment and Other Bonuses

Modified by equipment
Equipment Magic Critical Hit Rate
A'as Circlet +10%
Choleric Earring +10%
Maleficus +10%
Maniacus Sash +10%
Anwig Salade Augment-Icon.png: +10%
Champion's Galea Augment-Icon.png: +10%
Selenian Cap Augment-Icon.png: +10%
Krabat Jacket +8%
Aswang Sash +5%
Goetia Gloves +2 +5%
Nares Cap +5%
Rubeus Bandeau +5%
Yhel Jacket +1 +5%
Valkyrie's Coat Augment-Icon.png: +1-5%
Zenith Crown +1 Augment-Icon.png: +1-5%
Tethyan Cap +3 +4%
Yhel Jacket +4%
Shadow Coat Augment-Icon.png: +1-4%
Zenith Crown Augment-Icon.png: +1-4%
Cybele Pants +3%
Goetia Gloves +1 +3%
Hecate's Earring +3%
Nebula Hat +1 +3%
Nefarious Collar +3%
Sweven Coat +1 +3%
Tethyan Cap +2 +3%
Wise Strap +3%
Nebula Pigaches +1 +2%
Sweven Boots +1 +2%
Sweven Corona +1 +2%
Sweven Mitts +1 +2%
Witch Sash +2%
Jinx Ampulla +1%
Sweven Slacks +1 +1%

Modified by equipment
Equipment Magic Critical Hit Damage (MAB)
Maleficus +30
Blitzer Poleyn Augment-Icon.png: +10
Desultor Tassets Augment-Icon.png: +10
Tatsumaki Sitagoromo Augment-Icon.png: +10
Choleric Earring +10
Eradico Mitts +5
Nefarious Collar +5
Goetia Gloves +2 +5
Goetia Gloves +1 +3
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