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For each offensive melee skill in the game, there is a special weapon skill available ONLY through high skill and a high level quest. Each quest requires you to "break" a latent effect on a weapon, and then defeat an NM.

Each weapon requires a total of 300 "weapon skill" points to break the latent. In order to do this, you must fight EP or higher mobs, and perform weapon skills or close skillchains to build points.

  • Solo weaponskill (no skillchain): 1 point
  • Close a Level 1 skillchain: 2 points
  • Close a Level 2 skillchain: 3 points
  • Close a Level 3 skillchain: 5 points

Most weapons have weapon skills that are able to close level 3 skillchains before obtaining the quested skill. One notable exception is the staff, who cannot close a Level 3 skillchain without Retribution.