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Escha Temporary Items

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Escha Temporary Items are special items that can be used like normal items, but can only be used in Escha zones. Temporary items can be identified by a small, grey icon in the top, right corner of the item's information screen, with the letters "Tmp" in it. Escha Temporary Items obtained in one Escha zone can be used in other Escha zones.

Escha Temporary Items do not take up normal inventory space, but instead reside in a separate, temporary, inventory space. A character's temporary inventory space appears in orange above the character's normal inventory and will expand to accomodate as many Temporary items as that character can obtain. Because Escha Temporary Items do not reside in the character's normal inventory space, they cannot be traded between players.

Escha Temporary Items can be obtained in two possible ways. They are obtained either in blue chests dropped by mobs or by purchasing from the Escha NPCs Affi, Dremi, or Shiftrix. Primeval Brew can only be obtained through purchase.

Temporary Item Silt cost Additional requirements to purchase
Assassin's Drink 90 None
Barbarian's Drink 90 Reisenjima access
Braver's Drink 240 Defeat Fleetstalker, Shockmaw, or Urmahlullu
Catholicon 60 500 mob kills
Catholicon +1 120 "Rhapsody in Fuchsia"
Champion's Drink 90 None
Charm Buffer 600 Defeat Maju, Neak, or Yakshi
Clear Salve I 90 None
Clear Salve II 180 Escha Ru'Aun access
Cleric's Drink 900 Defeat Duke Vepar, Pakecet, or Vir'ava
Curse Buffer 600 Defeat Albumen, Erinys, Onychophora, Schah, Teles, Vinipata, or Zerde
Daedalus Wing 150 Defeat Amymone, Hanbi, Kammavaca, Naphula, Palila, or Yilan
Dusty Reraise 150 "Rhapsody in Ochre"
Fighter's Drink 90 None
Gnostic's Drink 90 None
Healing Mist 360 "Rhapsody in Puce"
Healing Powder 90 "Rhapsody in Fuchsia"
Healing Salve I 90 None
Healing Salve II 180 Escha Ru'Aun access
Instant Reraise 30 None
Lucid Elixir I 270 Reisenjima access
Lucid Elixir II 360 "Rhapsody in Ochre"
Lucid Ether I 30 None
Lucid Ether II 180 Escha Ru'Aun access
Lucid Ether III 270 Reisenjima access
Lucid Potion I 30 None
Lucid Potion II 180 Escha Ru'Aun access
Lucid Potion III 270 Reisenjima access
Lucid Wings I 150 Defeat Brittlis, Ionos, Kamohoalii, Nosoi, Sensual Sandy, or Umdhlebi
Lucid Wings II 1,000 Defeat Bashmu, Gajasimha, Ironside, Old Shuck, Sarsaok, or Strophadia
Mana Mist 360 "Rhapsody in Puce"
Mana Powder 90 "Rhapsody in Fuchsia"
Megalixir 180 Escha Ru'Aun access
Mirror's Tonic 600 100 NM kills
Monarch's Drink 90 Reisenjima access
Moneta's Tonic 600 500 NM kills
Oracle's Drink 90 Reisenjima access
Poison Buffer 600 "Rhapsody in Puce"
Primeval Brew 11,000,000 "Scintillating Rhapsody"
Savior's Tonic 600 2,000 mob kills
Soldier's Drink 90 Escha Ru'Aun access
Sprinter's Drink 90 Defeat (Alphuachra, Bucca & Puca), Blazewing, Pazuzu, or Wrathare
Spy's Drink 90 None
Steadfast Tonic 600 Defeat Ark Angel EV, Ark Angel GK, Ark Angel HM, Ark Angel MR, Ark Angel TT, Byakko, Genbu, Seiryu, Suzaku, Kouryu, or Warder of Courage
Super Revitalizer 3,000 20,000 mob kills
Vicar's Drink 300 "Rhapsody in Ochre"
Virus Buffer 600 1,000 NM Kills

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