Glassy Craver

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General Notes
  • TP Moves:
    • Material Fend - Substantial Evasion Bonus. Must be dispelled.
    • Promyvion Brume - Low AoE damage and Poison.
    • Impalement - Single-target critical damage. Fully resets enmity on its target. Damage mitigated by Sentinel's Scherzo, Migawari: Ichi, Earthen Armor and an Automaton's Schurzen attachment.
    • Empty Thrash - Conal physical damage.
    • Murk - AoE Gravity.
    • View Sync - Draws in all players within a 25 yalm radius and inflicts moderate physical damage.
    • Carousel - AoE physical damage. Used immediately after View Sync as a combo and will never use as a stand alone move. Additional Effect: Knockback.
  • Uses Mighty Strikes at an undetermined point in the battle.

Glassy Craver
Type Empty
Family Craver
Class Geas Fete NM
Physical Damage Magical Damage Breath Damage Slashing Blunt H2H Piercing Ranged
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 150% 100%
Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark
60% 60% 60% 60% 60% 60% 60% 60%
A: Absorbs · S: Susceptible · R: Resists

During battle some monsters may change resistances.

100% denotates that a monster takes full damage.

  • E.g At 5% a foe takes -95% damage.

Tiers of 50% or less guarantee an enfeeble resist with 5% causing immunity.

See the Resist and Damage Type pages.


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Reisenjima Henge
FFXIDB Icon v3.png

     Battlefield: Omen
Material Fend
Promyvion Brume
Empty Thrash
View Sync
Mighty Strikes
Level Aggro Links Detects HP DEF EVA Magic DEF
Question Question 164
Assisted By Title Traits MP


Ability Y' Area Target Class Type Effect Copy Image.png Condition
Brain Spike 1P Single Physical Damage Deals physical damage + Paralysis.
(NM only)
AoE 1P Physical Damage Deals physical damage + Knockback.
Empty Thrash Conal 1P Physical Damage Deals physical damage.
(NM only)
1P Single Physical Damage Deals physical damage + Slow + removes Enmity.
Material Fend 1P Self None Gains Evasion Bonus.
Murk AoE Magical Damage Element: Wind Inflicts Weight.
Promyvion Brume AoE Magical Damage Element: Water Deals damage + Poison.
View Sync 25' AoE Physical Damage Deals damage and draws in all targets.
Additional effect: Bind.
Area: 1P, AoE, Gaze, Conal · Target: Who the ability selects, Player or Monster
Class: Physical-Magical-Breath-Buff · Type: Element (E.g ice) or Damage Type (E.g piercing or blank)
Copy Image.png: Utsusemi shadows consumed (#), B Bypasses, but does not remove shadows, R Removes all shadows.
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