Golden shovel cordon

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Golden shovel cordon

Key Item Description Pages on this wiki that reference this item
Type Description
Permanent Key Items Embroidered with a gleaming
golden shovel, this badge is given
only to pioneers who have gone
above and beyond the call of duty
in advancing the colonization
initiative. Reduces the
waiting period for new
coalition imprimaturs.
Obtained from...
Name Zone Notes
Reja Ygridhi Celennia Memorial Library You must have received all other rewards from her in order to obtain this item
Used for...
Type of Event Name
Quest The Ygnas Directive


  • Reduces the waiting time for a new coalition imprimatur from 300min to 270min


See Reja Ygridhi for further details on obtaining this item, but an at-a-glance list of what you need to do is here:

  • Must have defeated all six Naakual Wildskeeper Reives.
  • Must complete every quest in Seekers of Adoulin
    • The exception is any having to do with Geomancer or Rune Fencer Limit Break/AF/Ergon/WS. These do not need to be completed.
  • Must have all SoA missions done
  • Need to have Mog Garden Monster Rearing at Rank 7, and all geological locations at rank 7 in order to complete all of the Mog Garden quests.
  • Need to have all Coalition Assignments completed, and all Coalitions at Legend rank

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