Inside the Belly

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Inside the Belly
Required Fame Other Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Zaldon, Selbina - (H-9)
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description Some fish in Vana'diel like to eat shiny objects. If you catch one, let Zaldon cut it open for you.
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Real Gift None
Level 31 Verification Needed Fishing (including gear) to start quest
Gil and potentially an item (see below)


  • Traded Zaldon fish and he will gut them for you, buying the fish and giving you whatever was in its stomach.
    • After completing the quest for the first time, you no longer need to meet the fishing level requirement to repeat the quest.
Stuff found in fish table
Fish Gil Item
Abaia 960
Ahtapot 350
Armored Pisces 475
Bhefhel Marlin 150
Bladefish 200
Cave Cherax 800
Crocodilos 1763
Dark Bass 10
Dorado Gar 586
Emperor Fish 300
Far East Puffer 735
Gavial Fish 250
Gerrothorax 423
Giant Catfish 50
Giant Chirai 550
Giant Donko 96
Gigant Octopus 119
Gigant Squid 300
Grimmonite 300
Gugrusaurus 880
Gugru Tuna 50
Istavrit 50
Jungle Catfish 300
Kalkanbaligi 390
Kilicbaligi 150
Lakerda 51
Lik 880
Matsya 12592
Megalodon 532
Monke-Onke 150
Mola Mola 478
Ogre Eel 16
Pelazoea 360
Pirarucu 516
Pterygotus 390
Rhinochimera 300
Ryugu Titan 800
Sea Zombie 350
Silver Shark 250
Takitaro 350
Three-eyed Fish 250
Titanic Sawfish 810
Titanictus 350
Tricorn 810
Turnabaligi 340
Veydal Wrasse 225
Zafmlug Bass 15

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