Numbing Shot

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Weapon Skill Information
Description: Delivers a short-ranged attack that deals triple damage. Additional effect: Paralysis. Duration of effect varies with TP.
Weapon Type: Marksmanship (290) Target: Single
Class: Physical
Stat Modifier: 80% AGI fTP: 3.0
TP Modifier 1000 TP 2000 TP 3000 TP
Effect Duration: 60 seconds 120 seconds 180 seconds
Skillchain: Induration / Detonation / Impaction
Command: /ws "Numbing Shot" <stnpc>
Job Level Information
Level Jobs
80 RNG
83 COR
86 THF
87 NIN
92 WAR
97 DRK


  • Can only be used if you have Ranger or Corsair as your main job or sub job.
  • Despite being a Marksmanship Weaponskill, this must be used from melee range.


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