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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Restores HP.
Available Level 1
Type Light-BLU-Icon.gif Cure
MP Cost 5 Cast Time 2 seconds
Point Cost 1 Recast Time 5 seconds
Target Self Range
Stat Bonus CHR +1 HP +5
Creates Job Trait Resist Sleep
Scroll: Pollen (Scroll) description.png
Monster Type Vermin Monster Family Bee
Volatile Enmity Cumulative Enmity


  • Soft cap of 36 HP.
  • Enhanced by all items granting the Cure Potency effect (ex: Light Staff; Apollo's Staff; Templar Mace).
  • Amount healed doubled by Divine Seal.
  • MND is a heavily influential stat for Pollen, much moreso than Cure. A level 1 character with BLU sub will cure 14 HP with Pollen, where Cure would only cure 10.

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Bee Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 0+
Monster Level Zone Map
Maneating Hornet 2-5   South Gustaberg South Gustaberg.jpgcenter link=
Giant Bee 5-8   West Sarutabaruta West Sarutabaruta-Map.jpgcenter link=
Belaboring Wasp 100   Ceizak Battlegrounds Ceizak Battlegrounds Map.pngcenter link=

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