Promathia Mission 8-3

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When Angels Fall
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC N/A
Title Warrior of the Cristal
Repeatable No
Description The Gate of the Gods--the portal leading to the highest level of the palace--has opened. While your companions scramble to reach the audience chamber, you must find which of the five towers will return you into the light...
Previous Mission Next Mission
A Fate Decided Dawn
1000 Exp


First, check The Gate of the Gods for a cutscene; otherwise, you will not have access to the upper floors (3-4).

Retrieving your light:

Brands of Dawn and Twilight:

  • You next need to go to the central area of The Garden of Ru'Hmet
    • You cannot reach the elevator directly. Instead, you must run around (first East, then North, then West) and access it from the other side.
  • There are four spinning Qn'zdei on each side of the elevator.
    • The doors will remain open as long as the Qn'zdei are on their pedestals.
    • When aggro'd they will move off their pedestal, which causes the door at the far end of the room to close.
    • These Qn'zdei are immune to Sleep and Lullaby, but can be Reposed.
  • Once in the elevator room, step onto the platform and choose to ascend.
  • You must navigate this floor to collect both brands.

Burning Circle Fight:

  • Head back to the central elevator and choose to ascend to the top floor in The Garden of Ru'Hmet.
  • Check the Particle Gate for a cutscene
  • Check it again to enter the BC.
  • You begin the BC at the north end of the room, facing south at the pots.
    • Soloable at level 80+ with Trust. Possible at level 75+, but very difficult. Trivial at Item Level.
    • The exit to this BC is at the south side of the room.
  • The BC is against four Ix'zdei NMs.
    • The two larger ones are RDM type.
    • The two smaller ones are BLM type.
    • All of them are immune to silence and are heavily resistant to sleep.
    • Elemental Seal is required to sleep the NMs.
    • When a pot gets low on HP, it may attempt to flee to its spawn position. If it is allowed to be there a mere few seconds, it will regenerate to full HP. Stun and the use of Weapon Skills may prevent this from happening.
    • The safest place to die is at the door at the southern end of the room near the BLM pots. Wait for the pots to go back to their starting positions before Reraising.

Once you beat the pots, cross the empty room and check the Luminous Convergence for a cutscene. Every party member still alive will receive 1000 Experience Points upon winning.

Garden of Ru'Hmet map 1
Garden of Ru'Hmet map 2
Garden of Ru'Hmet map 3
Garden of Ru'Hmet map 4

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