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Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Gaddiux, Western Adoulin
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title None
Repeatable No
Description [This is a challenge] You smell of rotten-wotten rolanberries. Now come fightaru me.


Previous Quest Next Quest
Destiny's Device None
All Coalitions Legend Rank or higher
Epeolatry (Level 119) icon.png
Epeolatry (Level 119) description.png


This quest has several parts and is rather time-consuming.

  • Speak with Gaddiux at (J-10) in Western Adoulin.
    • Note:If you are working towards an Idris, you will need to complete or quit that weapon to begin working on Epeolatry. You will lose all materials deposited if you quit, but you will keep your Rusted handbell key item and can restart it immediately.
      • However, after completing any part after completing part 1, before trading your Lexeme Blade to Runje Desaali to begin the next part, any part of Saved by the Bell may be started and finished without having to restart either quest from the beginning.
  • Obtain a Pickaxe, you will only need one.
  • Head to (I-8) in Yorcia Weald and examine the ???.
    • There are two separate ???s at (I-8) on the map. If you see a Geomantic Reservoir then you are in the wrong spot.
    • Take the warp to Bivouac #1 and head south and then east into the field of numbing blossoms past the Eruca and Spiders.
  • When your "Enlightened Endeavor" key item resonates, trade the Pickaxe to the ???.
  • Return to Gaddiux.
  • Speak with Runje Desaali at (J-11) in Eastern Adoulin. She will begin tracking materials deposited towards Epeolatry.

Part 1


  • There is a 15 minute time limit. Your subjob will be removed.
  • You will fence against Zurko-Bazurko.
  • Zurko will dual wield swords and have access to normal sword weapon skills as well as Savage Blade and Chant du Cygne.
  • Casts Protect IV, Shell V, and Phalanx exclusively.
  • Frequently parries which will limit your physical damage leaving Swipe and Lunge as effective options.
  • Zurko-Bazurko will use Lunge which can do significant damage if no opposing runes are active.
  • Return to Octavien.
  • Speak with Gaddiux in Western Adoulin (J-10) for a cutscene with Amchuchu and to receive your base weapon, Lexeme Blade I.
    • The quest is technically completed after this point, as the quest is moved to the completed log, however this has no bearing on finishing the weapon.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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