Idris (Level 119)

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Idris (Level 119) icon.png Idris
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Description: DMG:139 Delay:280 Magic Accuracy+25 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+25 Magic Damage+155 Club skill +242 Parrying skill +242 Magic Accuracy skill +228 Geomancy +10 Luopan: Damage taken -25% "Exudation" Aftermath: Increases Magic Accuracy and "Magic Atk. Bonus" Occasionally attacks twice or thrice
Image: Idris (Level 119) description.png
Type: Weapon
Flags: Equippable, Not vendorable, Not sendable, Exclusive, Rare
Stack size: 1
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Weapon Information
Races: All Races Skill: Club
Damage: 139 Delay: 280
DPS: 29.79 TP/Hit:


Level: 99
Item Level: 119
Jobs: Geomancer
REME Information
Weapon Skill: Exudation
Versions: Idris (Level 119)
Idris (Level 119 III)
Aftermath Lv.1: Question Magic Accuracy Duration: 4.5 minutes
Aftermath Lv.2: floor( TP÷50 - 10 ) Magic Attack Bonus Duration: 4.5 minutes
Aftermath Lv.3: Occasionally Attacks twice (40%) or thrice (20%) Duration: 3 minutes

Obtained From...
Quest Notes
Saved by the Bell Ergon Weapon Quest


  • This weapon is the fully upgraded Geomancer Club weapon through the mythic (ergon) process, but it can be further upgraded via Oboro.
  • This weapon allows user to use the weaponskill Exudation.
  • Geomancy +10 boosts the power of all geomancy spells.
    • This boost is very significant. With each spell having a different degree of benefit from this effect.
    • NOTE: Reference the chart on the Geomancy page to see exact values.
  • Luopan: Damage Taken -25% is additive with their innate -50% Damage Taken, resulting in a total of Luopan: Damage Taken -75%.
    • Specific DT value is 64/256.Verification Needed