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Job Ability Information
Job Samurai
Type Level  
Level Obtained 35
Description Grants a bonus to "Third Eye" when using two-handed weapons, but increases recast and casting times.
Duration 00:05:00
Recast 00:01:00
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 300
Command /ja "Seigan" <me>


  • Seigan works only with two-handed weapons.
  • Seigan and Hasso cannot be used at the same time. Between the two, the most recently activated job ability will be active.
  • While Seigan is active, a 50% increase in casting and recast time will be applied to any and all magic, songs and Ninjutsu.

Third Eye Effects

  • While active, Seigan reduces the recast timer on Third Eye to 30 seconds.
  • Seigan also enhances the effects of Third Eye and makes it similar to the Utsusemi series of Ninjutsu.
    • A monster's attack can either be evaded (anticipated) or counter-attacked with Seigan and Third Eye up.
    • Each time a Samurai evades or counters with Seigan/Third Eye, there is a chance that Third Eye will be removed.
    • The longer Third Eye has been active, the higher chance of cancellation.
    • The base Counter rate under these circumstances is 25%, which is enhanced by Saotome Haidate/+1/+2 and Kogarasumaru.
      • It is not known whether these pieces of gear can simply be worn for JA activation or must be full-timed, but the assumption has always been that they must be full-timed.

Zanshin effects

  • Seigan also allows Zanshin-related Counters for players using Samurai main job even without Third Eye or specific equipment.
    • Counters occur at a rate of Zanshin rate÷4
    • These Counters are subject to accuracy checks and do not reward TP


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Unkai Kabuto +1 Gives ~2.5% Counter with Seigan active and no Third Eye.
Unkai Kabuto +2 Gives 5% Counter with Seigan active and no Third Eye.
Kasuga Kabuto Gives 12% Counter with Seigan active and no Third Eye.
Kasuga Kabuto +1 Gives 14% Counter with Seigan active and no Third Eye.


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