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Trick Attack

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Job Ability Information
Job Thief
Type Level  
Level Obtained 30
Description Allows your next melee attack to deal extra damage when striking an enemy from behind a party member.
Duration 00:01:00 (or next melee attack round)
Recast 00:01:00 (base)
Cumulative Enmity 1 Volatile Enmity 0
Command /ja "Trick Attack" <me> 
Merit Information
Tier 1 Ranks Available 5
Effect of each Rank Each merit level reduces recast by 00:00:02.


  • The Enmity generated by your next attack (or Weapon Skill and potential Skillchain) is transferred to a player in front of you.
    • For Thief main job, damage is calculated by adding the AGI stat to weapon damage at the time the blow lands if the enmity-transferring conditions are met.
    • When added to Weapon Skills, the base damage is outside of the fTP multiplier. For high fTP WSs (like Rudra's Storm) this means that the base damage boost plays a relatively minor role in determining the final damage.
  • This ability guarantees 100% accuracy when the activation conditions are met.
    • Accuracy bonus also applies to the offhand hit when dual-wielding.
  • Assassin makes this job ability deal a critical hit if the enmity-transferring activation conditions are met (there is another player between the Thief and the monster).
  • Ranged attacks are unaffected, and do not cancel the ability.
  • Counter is affected, but does not cancel the ability.
  • Equipment must remain on to increase effect.


Equipment Modifying Ability...
Equipment Piece Modifier
Rogue's Armlets +1 Increases effective AGI during Trick Attack by 15%.
Pillager's Armlets Increases effective AGI during Trick Attack by 15%Question.
Pillager's Armlets +1 Increases effective AGI during Trick Attack by 16%.
Pillager's Armlets +2 Increases effective AGI during Trick Attack by 18%.
Pillager's Armlets +3 Increases effective AGI during Trick Attack by 20%.
Vajra (Level 75) Trick Attack damage +10%
Vajra (Level 80) Trick Attack damage +15%
Vajra (Level 85) Trick Attack damage +20%
Vajra (Level 90) Trick Attack damage +25%
Vajra (Level 95) Trick Attack damage +25%
Vajra (Level 99) Trick Attack damage +30%Question
Vajra (Level 99 II) Trick Attack damage +30%Question
Vajra (Level 119) Trick Attack damage +30%Question
Vajra (Level 119 II) Trick Attack damage +30%Question


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