Achieving True Power

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Achieving True Power
Required Fame Bastok Fame Level: NA
Level Restriction: Level 66+
Starting NPC Shamarhaan - Bastok Markets (F-9)
Pack Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Title Master of Manipulation
Repeatable No
Description If you desire even greater strength, find a "puppetmaster's testimony" and bring it to Shamarhaan.
Previous Quest Next Quest
Puppetmaster Blues New Worlds Await
Puppetmaster's Testimony
Raises level cap to 75.


  • Shamarhaan is the Puppetmaster standing near the Fountain in Bastok Markets
  • Farm Trolls for the testimony. Specific Trolls drop it.
  • Trade to Shamarhaan to initiate the Navukgo Execution Chamber BC (you will be warped there), where just like the Maat fight, you'll have to fight Shamarhaan to break level cap limit.
    • Upon arrival at Navukgo Execution Chamber, trade the Testimony to the Decorative Bronze Gate to begin battle.
    • Shamarhaan will be accompanied by his Automaton Valkeng, so you will need to prepare for a battle with both of them.
    • Battle Time Limit: 10mins
    • If you have the "Rhapsody in Umber" Key Item, you are able to summon Trust Magic to aid you.
    • Bring Shamarhaan down to -20% hp and you should win the battle.


  • Does not need to be completed (for level limit increasing) if the player has already completed New Worlds Await or better.