Aht Urhgan Mission 13

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Lost Kingdom
Series Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Starting NPC Pyopyoroon, Nashmau - (H-7)
Title Royal Swordsman
Repeatable No
Description Pyopyoroon of Nashmau has advised you to head west to a place with many "stooones" to find a special "ghooost". Perhaps it will lead you the ghost ship...
Previous Mission Next Mission
Royal Puppeteer The Dolphin Crest
Key ItemEphramadian gold coin


  • Head to Caedarva Mire from the west exit in Nashmau and examine Jazaratt's Headstone at (E-10).
  • The headstone must be checked three times to continue.
    • The first time you check the headstone you get a cutscene.
    • The second time you check the headstone the NM Jazaraat will spawn.
    • After defeating the NM, check the headstone once more to receive an Key ItemEphramadian gold coin.

Note: There is a battle approaching in the next two missions. If you want another player to participate (who has already completed battle) they must also have this coin. All the other player needs to do is touch the headstone.

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