All the Way to the Bank

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All the Way to the Bank
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 3
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Peladi Shalmohr, Western Adoulin
Pack None
Title Brygidesque Manager
Repeatable No
Description Peladi Shalmohr is about to burst at the seams from the tab Tarutaru Sauce has run up throughout the city, and has requested that you take care of it. The culprits are hiding somewhere in Western Adoulin...
Previous Quest Next Quest
No Laughing Matter To Laugh Is to Love
39,432 gil


  • Talk to Peladi Shalmohr at the Mummers' Coalition in Western Adoulin to begin the quest, you have to wait till the next game day to start if you just finished the prior quest.
  • You must travel to each of the merchants listed in the invoice (in any order) and pay off the invoice by trading the corresponding amount of gil.
  • You may trade more gil than owed (round up) and it will pay off the invoces.
  • Movement Speed (Quickening) from Farso-Dafarso outside the Courriers' Coalition will be helpful for this quest.
  • After visiting all vendors, you will obtain the Key Item Tarutaru Sauce receipt
  • Return to Peladi Shalmohr at the Mummers' Coalition for a cutscene.
  • Travel to (J-11) and click on the Mischief Marker for a cutscene.
    • You will be asked to choose one of five hats for Tuffle-Buffle to wear to trick the Mithra. You must do this five times to complete the quest.
    • There are five types of hats:
      • Costume:Ahriman cap, Egg helm, Pumpkin head, Snow bunny hat, Snowman cap
      • Beastman:Goblin coif, Orc helm, Qiqirn hood, Quadav barbut, Yagudo Headgear
      • Heavy:Gorney morion, Karieyh morion, Ogier's helm, Perle salade, Phorcys salade
      • Medium:Athos's chapeau, Aurore beret, Shneddick chapeau, Thaumas hat, Thurandaut chapeau
      • Light: Nares cap, Orvail corona, Rubeus bandeau, Teal chapeau, Weatherspoon corona
    • To successfully trick the Mithra, you must choose a type (among the list above) you haven't chosen before, and it must be at least two places from your previous choice. For example: 1, 3, 5, 2, 4.
      • Example: Egg helm, Perle salade, Teal chapeau, Quadav barbut, Thaumas hat
        • See the Talk Page for discussion on combinations.
    • If you fail, you must obtain a randomly requested food item from one of the five stalls above to try again.
      • Progress is cumulative.
        • Given the fact that you may only use a given type of costume once to succeed. It is recommended that you pick in the order of option 1, 3, 5, 2, 4 (cumulatively) over and over until succeeding.
          • E.g. 1 (succeed) 3 (fail), grab the requested item and start back at 3 until it succeeds then move on to 5 and so on.