Astral Candescence

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The cause of great strife among the populace in Aht Urhgan, the Astral Candescence is the item over which the beastmen and children of Altana fight. It is stored within the Hall of Binding in Al Zahbi. The fabled "Astal Wind" grants bonuses to whichever nation possesses it. If the Candescence is lost, it must be reclaimed through a BCNM fight against the beastmen force who captured it.

Notable among the bonuses offered are the Sanction Experience Points bonus and the optional Regen/Refresh/Food Duration bonuses. These bonuses vary in strength depending on the Imperial Defense Bonus, which increases the longer that the Astral Candescence has been kept in Al Zahbi.

When the Astral Candescence is in Al Zahbi

When the Astral Candescence is captured by the Beastmen

  • All bonuses described in the above section are not active.
  • Sanction lasts from 1~3 hours depending on Assault rank.
  • You will receive increased Imperial Standing points for defeating monsters in a beastmen area that holds the Candescence.
  • In the beastmen area that holds the Candescence, monster levels are 5~6 levels higher than what they check as.
  • Some Merchants have reduced wares.
  • There is no BGM in Al Zahbi.

Recovering the Astral Candescence

Two unique Key Items are required in the zone that has the Astral Candescence. They are listed in each section below.


Required Key Items: Red bell & Blue bell


Required Key Items: Musical score - 1st page & Musical score - 2nd page

Arrapago Reef

Required Key Items: Merrow homunculus & Lamia homunculus