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Besieged is a battle system that takes place in the city of Al Zahbi.
Players, as mercenaries employed by the Empire of Aht Urhgan, team up with the Serpent Generals, Immortals, and other city guards against the Mamool Ja Savages, Troll Mercenaries, and the Undead Swarm as they attempt to capture the Astral Candescence.

Experience Points and Imperial Standing will be rewarded to those who take part in the battle. Besieged has a major effect on Treasures of Aht Urhgan content:

  • NPCs may become unavailable after being captured during attacks.
  • Some Notorious Monsters only appear under certain conditions related to Besieged
  • When the Astral Candescence is captured several services are lost.

Besieged was added with the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion in April 2006.

Participating in Besieged

The only requirement to take part in Besieged is to be in or enter Al Zahbi when one of the three Beastmen armies attack. Experience Points and Imperial Standing will not be rewarded to those who are not enlisted as mercenaries. This is done on completion of Aht Urhgan Mission 1. Please note: Al Zahbi limits the number of PCs in the zone to 700. If the zone is full, you will not be able to enter Al Zahbi to take part in Besieged.

Preparation and Battle

The Beastmen must prepare themselves before attacking Al Zahbi. Their progress can be viewed on the besieged map. There are four stages the Beastmen forces will cycle through: Training, Preparing, Advancing, and Attacking. Their process is reset on Server Maintenance.


The level of the enemy forces is 0 and their strength is under 100. They will slowly build up to 100 and beyond. The pace is based on the number of Archaic Mirrors in the base of the enemy. Their pace can be slowed by destroying Archaic Mirrors and their strength decreased by defeating certain Notorious Monsters.


Level Strength Required
1 100 or 110
2 120
3 130
4 140
5 150
6 160
7 170
8 180, 190, or 200

The level of the enemy forces is 1 and may rise and their strength is 100 or above. An attack on Al Zahbi is being prepared by the Beastmen and its size will depend on the strength of the enemy forces when this stage ends. The maximum strength of the enemy forces will increase with every failed attempt to capture the Astral Candescence. This will cap out at Level 8 with 200 strength. What enemies appear is decided by the level of the enemy forces. In the case of level 8, there is a difference between of an invasion of a strength of 180 and a strength of 200.


Once the the Beastmen have reach their goal, they will begin to advance to Al Zahbi. Within Aht Urhgan region zones, a message will be displayed in all players' chat logs to alert them of the incoming threat. Outside of Aht Urhgan region, no message will be seen, unless you have the Key Item Mnejing's receiver.

The Mamool Ja Savages will march from Mamook through Wajaom Woodlands, the Troll Mercenaries will march from Halvung through Wajaom Woodlands, and the Undead Swarm will march from Alzadaal Undersea Ruins through Bhaflau Thickets. The parties of the enemy forces will be visible in these areas. They will not aggro players unless they are attacked and they move quickly, losing interest in players very quickly.

The Empire of Aht Urhgan will ask mercenaries to intercept the invading Beastmen. This is not a popular tactic among players. This is because unlike Besieged there is no reward, experience points are lost upon being defeated, and there is lack of an organized base of players. If the forces are defeated on the way to the Imperial capital the advance will end and no reward will be distributed. Defeating monsters on the way to Al Zahbi will have a negative effect on the enemy forces within the city once Besieged begins, but this has not been tested to any degree.

The length of time it takes for the enemy to reach Al Zahbi varies based on the movement speed of the monsters within their forces. Monsters such as Poroggo.

Arrival times from advancing to attack are as follows:

  • The Undead Horde arrive the earliest at 15-20 minutes.
  • The Troll Mercenaries take about 23-35 minutes to arrive.
  • The Mamool Ja Savages take about 20-35 minutes to arrive.

Server Maintenance causes battles to not take place for a lengthy period of time.


When the entirety of the enemy forces have invaded Al Zahbi, the battle will begin. A cutscene will play for all those located in the area. The cutscene calls mercenaries to arms, introduces the Beastmen, randomly presents a Serpent General or the Immortals if they are all being held Prisoner, and reveals how many seals are placed on the Hall of Binding. If the Beastmen Leader is present, they will be featured in the cutscene. Players will be randomly moved to a location, near one of the five Serpent Generals. Temporary Items will then be distributed.

The enemy forces will enter Al Zahbi in waves through the gates in the Bastion. Certain monsters will spawn within the city itself.

Several special monsters will appear on the side of the enemy. They are often called "Bosses" or "Generals" by the playerbase. Which bosses appear depends on the level of the enemy forces.

In addition to Bosses, some of the monsters will be larger in size, but their names will rename the same. These "unnamed bosses" are generally stronger and have more HP, and in the case of Beastmen, can use special TP attacks only available to Bosses.

The Beastmen will attempt to defeat the five Serpent Generals in attempt to unseal the Hall of Binding. If the Hall of Binding is opened, most of the enemy forces will move toward it. If a single monster reaches the Astral Candescence, they will capture it and go into "Defending" status.

End and Aftermath

Besieged will end with the Beastmen retreating or capturing the Astral Candescence. If the Empire is victorious and the Beastmen retreat, another cutscene will be played that features another Serpent General, or the Immortals shall they all be captured in the battle. The Beastmen's strength drop below 100* and return to Training status. If the Empire loses the battle and the Astral Candescence is captured, a cutscene that shows Al Zahbi's forces defeated will play. The Beastmen will enter "Defending" status with the same strength and level they invaded with.

The Beastmen will retreat after a certain unknown condition is fulfilled or one hour has elapsed since the beginning of the attack. The condition is thought to be when a certain number of their forces have been defeated. It is not known if unnamed bosses and bosses play a small, big, or no role in this. It is also thought that the condition may be related to the number of Serpent General and other allies still standing.


Level Maximum Base Reward
1 300
2 400
3 500
4 600
5 700
6 1000
7 1200
8 15000

Once Besieged has finished, Experience Points and Imperial Standing of the same amount is rewarded. The amount given is based on how many actions taken by the player. A player who does not act at all in Besieged will be given no reward at all. Each level has a maximum amount that can be given and the potential reward will not increase from that point on. Bonuses can be earned on top of that cap by defeating the Level Boss or Beastmen Leader.

  • Defeating the Level Boss will grant 80 more Exp/IS.
  • Defeating the Beastmen Leader will grant 200 more Exp/IS.
  • Level 8 Besieged appears to have many more potential bonuses than other tiers.

Only half the reward is given if the Besieged ends in a loss.

If a player lays defeated when Besieged ends, they will only be given the IS. If a player disconnects or leaves Al Zahbi, their recorded actions will reset and they will have to do more actions to gain their reward. Not being present in Al Zahbi at the end of Besieged also results in loss of reward.

Outside of Besieged, IS gained per monster is Exp/10 under normal conditions. This means to gain the amount of IS earned in Besieged, one would have to make x10 as much Exp outside it through monsters.


When one of the enemy forces has the Astral Candescence in their possession, their region icon will flash with blue mark and they will be under "Defending" status. This stops the Besieged cycle for all enemy forces and Besieged will no longer happen until the Astral Candescence is recovered. See Astral Candescence Recovery.

The Beastmen gain certain effects while their stronghold contains the Astral Candescence. What effects might be is not knownVerification Needed.

The level and strength of the Beastmen will not increase, but can be decreased through breaking of Archaic Mirrors and defeating certain Notorious Monsters within the stronghold.


Imperial Standing

Main Article: Imperial Standing.

Aside from Besieged battles in Al Zahbi, the empire will reward Imperial Standing to mercenaries with the Sanction status effect as they gain experience within Aht Urhgan. IS can also be obtained from certain quests, rescuing prisoners, and turning in Archaic Mirrors. IS can be used to purchase items, a Runic Portal permit, an Assault Armband required in order to begin an Assault, or be converted into Imperial Currency.

Temporary Items

At the start of Besieged and throughout the battle, the Empire will distribute consumable temporary items. Each item is aligned with a NPC who resides in the area Al Zahbi. If a NPC is captured during a Besieged, it will result in the item no longer being available at the beginning of Besieged or replenished during it.

What exactly activates the replenishing of items during Besieged is currently unknownVerification Needed. Some theories are that it involves defeating a certain number of enemies, specific enemies or is effected by the Imperial Defense valueVerification Needed.

Item Required NPC Notes
Assassin's Drink x Increases Magic Accuracy by an unknown amountVerification Needed.
Barbarian's Drink x Increases attack by 50%.
Braver's Drink x Increases all Attributes by 15.
Carnal Incense x Immunity to physical damage from melee attacks for 45 seconds Verification Needed.
Champion's Drink x Grants Potency (increases critical hit rate).
Cleric's Drink x Cures most status effects on the user and party members within 10'. Verification Needed.
Daedalus Wing x Increases TP by 100%.
Demoralizer +1 x Decreases a target's TP by a large amount.
Dusty Elixir x Restores HP and MP by 25%.
Dusty Ether x Restores 150 MP.
Dusty Potion x Restores 300 HP.
Dusty Wing x Rises TP to 300%.
Fanatic's Drink x Immunity to physical damage for 60 seconds.
Fighter's Drink x Increases Accuracy by an unknown amountVerification Needed.
Fool's Drink x Immunity to magical damage for 60 seconds.
Giant's Drink x Increases maximum HP by 100%.
Gnostic's Drink x Grants Pax (increases -enmity).
Hermes Quencher x Grants Flee for 60 secondsVerification Needed. Medicates user for 15 minutes.
Hi-Elixir x Restores 50% of HP and MP.
Lethe Water +1 x Dispels multiple effects on a target.
Mana Powder x Restores 25% MP to user and party members within 10'.
Max-Potion +3 x Restores 700 HP. Medicates user for 15 minutes.
Monarch's Drink x Grants 3 TP/tick Regain for 3 minutes. (Total: 180)
Megalixir x Restores HP and MP to 100%.
Oracle's Drink x Increases Magic Attack Bonus by an unknown amountVerification Needed.
Pro-Ether +3 x Restores 300 MP. Medicates user for 15 minutes.
Remedy Chayaya Cures Paralysis, Silence, Blindness, Poison, and Disease.
Revitalizer x Resets recast time of all job abilities.
Instant Reraise x Grants Reraise.
Soldier's Drink x Verification Needed.
Shepherd's Drink x Restores 50% of a pet's HP.
Spiritual Incense x Immunity to magical damage for 45 secondsVerification Needed.
Sprinter's Drink Dahaaba Grants Flee for 60 seconds.
Spy's Drink x Grants 30% Haste spell. Despite being stronger, it will be overwritten by the spell Haste and most types of slow.
Vicar's Drink x Cures most status effects on the user. Will not cure Curse. Verification Needed.
Wizard's Drink x Increases maximum MP by 100%.


Besieged Mercenaries.png

Serpent Generals

Name Title Starting Position Job Notes
Rughadjeen Skyserpent General Ulthalam Parade PLD Uses the Weaponskill "Victory Beacon", AoE. Can cast White Magic.
Gadalar Flameserpent General Springserpent Square BLM Uses the Weaponskill "Salamander Flame", AoE. Can cast Black Magic.
Najelith Galeserpent General Galeserpent Square RNG Uses the Weaponskill "Typhonic Arrow", ranged, single target.
Zazarg Stoneserpent General Chocobo Alley MNK Uses the Weaponskill "Meteoric Impact", single target.
Mihli Aliapoh Waterserpent General Flameserpent Square WHM Uses the Weaponskill "Scouring Bubbles", AoE. Can cast White Magic.

Other Allies

Name Job Notes Imperial Defense #
Volunteer WARVerification Needed Uses an Axe and related weapon skills. Mid*
Imperial Trooper PLD Uses a Sword and related weapon skills. Can cast White Magic. High*
Immortal Guard BLU Uses a Sword and related weaponskills. Can cast Blue Magic. High*
Goblin Lansquenet WARVerification Needed Uses Moblin TP Moves and Bomb Toss. Can change sides and become an enemy. Very High*
Qiqirn Freelance RNG or THFVerification Needed Uses ranged attacks and Qiqirn TP Moves. Will flee and drop Qiqirn Mines if it gains the attention of a monster. Very Low*


Mamool Ja Savages

Name Family(Job) Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8+
Gulool Ja Ja Mamool Ja (NIN) Leader. Many unique TP attacks. Casts Ninjutsu. Won't appear if defeated outside Besieged. X X X X O O O O O
Decimator Mabel Ja Mamool Ja (BLM) Level 1 Boss. Special featureQuestion
Thunderclap Sareel Ja Mamool Ja (BST) Level 2 Boss. Partied with Thunderbolt Piraal Ja, raptor pet and has long-duration Charm.
Panurgic Ryubool Ja Mamool Ja (BLU) Level 3 Boss. Special featureQuestion
Sagelord Molaal Ja Mamool Ja (WHM) Level 4 Boss. Casts Breakga, Silencega, Slowga, and Hastega
Strifelord Bakool Ja Mamool Ja (DRG) Level 5 Boss. Partied with and can summon up to three Mamool Ja's Wyverns and uses Spirit Surge often to recover HP.
Eidolic Qufeel Ja Mamool Ja (NIN) Level 6 Boss. Summons several copies of himself when Utsusemi is used, all of which can use TP moves and Mijin Gakure.
Searing Vogaal Ja Wivre (PLD) Level 7 Boss.
Scalding Fafool Ja Mamool Ja (THF) Level 8 Boss. Uses AoE TP moves very often. Can destroy temporary items with Fire Spit and Ground Burst.
Illuyankas Hydra Summoned by Scalding Fafool Ja only on a 200 strength level 8 Besieged. Uses Draw-in.
Fleetfingered Mobel Ja Mamool Ja (THF) Sub Boss. Partied with 3 Mamool Ja Ravagers.
Brontobugard Bugard Sub Boss. Partied with 3 Bull Bugards.
Phantasmal Puk Puk Sub Boss. Spawns within the city, along with Dive Puk.
Mamool Ja Hussar Mamool Ja (PLD) Spawns within the city.
Mamool Ja Cataphract Mamool Ja (DRG) Spawns within the city.
Mamool Ja Spotter Mamool Ja (THF) Spawns within the city.
Mamool Ja Sapper Mamool Ja (NIN) Spawns within the city.
Mamool Ja Hospitaler Mamool Ja (WHM) Spawns within the city.
Mamool Ja Fetial Mamool Ja (BLM) Spawns within the city.
Mamool Ja Entrancer Mamool Ja (BLU) Spawns within the city.
Dive Puk Puk Spawns within the city.
Scout Puk Puk
Attack Ziz Cockatrice
Battering Bugard Bugard

Troll Mercenaries

Name Family(Job) Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8+
Gurfurlur the Menacing Troll (MNK) Leader X X X X O O O O O
Girzorhor the Imprudent Troll (WAR) Level 1 Boss
Surmerdar the Unbridled Troll (RNG) Level 2 Boss
Dartorgor the Austere Troll (MNK) Level 3 Boss
Vorporlor the Barbaric Troll (DRK) Level 4 Boss
Vorjirzur the Valiant Troll (PLD) Level 5 Boss
Wordorbor the Artificer Troll (PUP) Level 6 Boss
Xarhorkur the Claviger Troll (WAR) Level 7 Boss
Zurmurwur the Ruthless Troll (DRK) Level 8 Boss
Gere Cerberus Summoned by Zurmurwur the Ruthless only on a 200 strength level 8 Besieged. x x x x x x x x o
Vyurvarjur the Nimble Troll () Sub Boss
Killing Claw Scorpion Sub Boss
Aerial Torpedo Bomb Sub Boss
Bombshells Cluster Starts within city/Aerial
Flame Eruca Crawler Starts within city

Undead Swarm

Name Family(Job) Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8+
Medusa Lamia Leader
Lamia No 34 Lamia Level 1 Boss
Lamia No 21 Lamia Level 2 Boss
Lamia No 15 Lamia Level 3 Boss
Merrow No 11 Lamia Level 4 Boss
Lamia No 9 Lamia Level 5 Boss
Merrow No 12 Lamia Level 6 Boss
Lamia No 3 Lamia Level 7 Boss
Lamia No 2 Lamia Level 8 Boss
Nemean Lion Khimaira Summoned by Lamia No 2 only on a 200 strength level 8 Besieged.
Lamia No 4 Lamia Sub Boss
Pining Abazohn Qutrub Sub Boss
Bhoot Invader Ghost Sub Boss
Lamia Commandress Lamia
Bhoot Intruder Ghost Starts within city/Aerial
Assault Bhoot Ghost


During Besieged battles, the beastmen have a chance of capturing certain NPCs from the zone before they retreat. Whether or not they capture an NPC is a lottery basis if the NPC is defeated during Besieged.

When an NPC is captured, their specific function is not available in Al Zahbi until they are freed and return to town. In addition, certain Temporary Items provided during Besieged are not given to players if the associated items are tied to that NPC.

The Serpent Generals also have a chance at being captured when they are KO'd during battle. It is a lottery chance whether or not they are captured or just reappear in town. If they are captured, their subordinate NPCs are also taken away from battle until they return. If a general is captured at the start of a new battle, the defensive force is at a large disadvantage.

Potential POWs

Only certain NPCs are able to be captured. Below is a list of potential POWs.

NPC Coordinates Disadvantages if Captured Temporary Items
Kahah Hobichai (J-7) Her wares she sells along with the Smithing guild in the zone are unavailable.

Daedalus Wing
Dusty Wing

Allard (J-7) His shop along with the Clothcraft guild in the zone unavailable.

Dusty Potion
Healing Powder

Zafif (J-8) Her scroll shop she runs along with the Goldsmithing guild in the zone are unavailable.

Dusty Ether
Mana Powder

Chayaya (J-8) The Corsair die he sells along with the Woodworking guild in the area are unavailable.

Gnostic's Drink
Shepherd's Drink*

Dahaaba (G-9) Chocobos are not rentable from Al Zahbi

Sprinter's Drink
Spy's Drink

Chochoroon (G-10) Donations for the Walahra Turban unavailable.

Instant Reraise
Champion's Drink

Shihu-Danhu (J-10) Warp services to Jeuno not available.

Wizard's Drink
Assassin's Drink

Suldiran (J-10) Fear of the Dark II quest unavailable.

Monarch's Drink

Djinabaha (H-11) Auction House is not available in Al Zahbi

Dusty Elixir

Dabigo (H-12) Delivery Service unavailable in Al Zahbi

Lethe Water
Fighter's Drink

Rughadjeen (G-7) Stops participating in Besieged, along with his subordinates.

The number of seals on the Astral Candescence is reduced by one, making it easier to capture.

The quest Saga of the Skyserpent cannot be progressed.

Fanatic's Drink
Braver's Drink

Gadalar (F-8) Stops participating in Besieged, along with his subordinates.

The number of seals on the Astral Candescence is reduced by one, making it easier to capture.

The quest Embers of His Past cannot be progressed.

Fool's Drink
Oracle's Drink

Mihli Aliapoh (H-7) Stops participating in Besieged, along with her subordinates.

The number of seals on the Astral Candescence is reduced by one, making it easier to capture.

The quest Soothing Waters cannot be progressed.

Cleric's Drink

Zazarg (H-6) Stops participating in Besieged, along with his subordinates.

The number of seals on the Astral Candescence is reduced by one, making it easier to capture.

The quest Fist of the People cannot be progressed.

Giant's Drink
Barbarian's Drink

Najelith (H-6) Stops participating in Besieged, along with her subordinates.

The number of seals on the Astral Candescence is reduced by one, making it easier to capture.

The quest When the Bow Breaks cannot be progressed.

Soldier's Drink

*: Shepherd's Drink is only provided to BST / DRG / SMN / PUP, and Drachenessence is only given to DRGs.

Rescuing Prisoners

Astral Candescence

See the Astral Candescence page for details on bonuses provided depending on the location of the Astral Candescence.

See Recovering the Astral Candescence for more information on recovering the artifact.


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