Bastok Mission 1-1

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The Zeruhn Report
Series None
Starting NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Collect Overseer Makarim's report from the Zeruhn Mines, in the western section of the Bastok Mines District. Deliver said report to Sir Naji, a Musketeer stationed near the President's Office.
Previous Mission Next Mission
None A Geological Survey
Rank Points


  • Select the mission from one of the Bastok Gate Guards.
  • Head to the Zeruhn Mines.
  • Speak to Makarim in Zeruhn Mines (H-11) for the Key ItemZeruhn report.
  • Speak to Naji in the Metalworks (J-8) for a cutscene and to complete the mission.
    • Should you examine the Zeruhn report key item, Naji will chastise you. It does not seem to affect the mission though.