Bastok Mission 3-1

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The Four Musketeers
Series None
Starting NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description You are to join a surprise attack on the Quadav stronghold in Beadeaux. See Iron Eater in the President's Office for details.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Emissary To the Forsaken Mines
Rank Points


  • Trade one crystal to a gate guard to unlock the mission.
  • Accept the mission and then speak to Iron Eater at the President's office.
  • You'll be instructed to go to Beadeaux. Gather up a party, but this is easily soloed if you are high enough.
  • Zone in to Beadeaux for a cutscene. You will then need to kill 20 Copper Quadavs. If you are with a party, all kills count towards the total, so you can split up to speed the process up.
    • There are 7 Copper Quadavs in the entry area, before the tunnel, and 3 in the tunnel at the first afflictor.
      • Using all 10 spawns makes this mission doable in less than 8 minutes.
    • The game will track how many you've killed, and you don't need to kill them all at once.
  • Upon killing 20 Copper Quadavs, zone out to Pashhow Marshlands for another cutscene. This ends the mission.
    • If you do not get your 20 Copper Quadav kills, you will receive a different cutscene.
    • If you use Escape, you will not receive the cutscene.


  • While you are in Beadeaux, it will help you prepare for mission 4-1 if you are able to acquire drops from two NMs in the area.
  • View this walkthrough on the Mission 4-1 page under the heading Beadeaux (Prerequisite)