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Location: Western Adoulin - (J-10)
Type: Western Adoulin NPCs
Description: Inventors' Coalition employee.
  • Benjamien offers the service of upgrading certain equipment and weapons obtained from Delve, which is called "Mezzotinting". You can gradually upgrade your armor and weapons through a number of ranks with increasing and expanding stats by applying Airlixirs. You can choose to switch paths during the upgrade process, but all rank points will be lost when switching from one upgrade path to another.
  • Only armor and weapons gained from defeating tier I through tier V Delve notorious monsters can be upgraded. Any accessories as well as any boss equipment cannot be upgraded.
  • There are three upgrade paths for each equipment and weapon to choose from; see Delve Rewards for the available upgrade paths on each item, and reference the Mezzotinting section for details about the upgrade paths.

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