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Battlefield Information
Location: Bearclaw Pinnacle Level Restriction: 75
Entry Item: Zephyr fan Participation: Recommended: 6 / Maximum: 18 Members
Entry Currency: Key Item Time Limit: 30 Minutes


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Eldertaur 1 Taurus

Highly resistant to Sleep and immune to Charm and Silence.

Casts Cure V, Protect IV, Shell III. Draws-in. Can use Apocalyptic Ray, which causes Doom regardless of direction your facing.

Mindertaur 1 Taurus

Susceptible to Gravity, Bind; semi-resistant to Sleep; highly resistant to Silence and Lullaby; immune to Charm.

Casts Cure V (Only when one of their HP is below 50%), Banish II, Flash


Follow these directions to obtain a Zephyr fan entry item:

  • Speak to Zebada in the Uleguerand Range at (F-12). He will give you a Cotton Pouch.
    • You must then scale the mountain, and then slide down the western slope. Your goal is to land on the southernmost ledge just above the bottom of the slope.
    • When you land, enter the cave behind you at F-8 to find the Chamneat Spring; trade the Cotton Pouch to the spring to receive the Chamnaet Ice.
    • Trade the ice to Zebada for the entry item Zephyr fan.
  • Climb to the top of Uleguerand Range to H-8. During clear weather, an ice wall will open up to allow passage to the east. Follow this tunnel to I-7 to zone in to Bearclaw Pinnacle.