By the Fading Light

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By the Fading Light
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC N/A
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The brighter future continues to fade even as the Crystal War rages on, the warring factions oblivious to the greater scheme of things. With a path ahead unapparent, Cait Sith proposes that you head to Xarcabard to observe how the struggle unfolds.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Adieu, Lilisette Edge of Existence

Note: Don't forget to complete the Adieu, Lilisette mission after the national storyline quests are complete by examining the door of the Lion Springs Tavern in K-6 Southern San d'Oria (S) for a cutscene.


  • Examine the Red Rally Point in Xarcabard (S) at (F-8) for a cutscene.